Bachelor Applied Science Degree in Radiation and Imaging SciencesTechnology Concentration

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiation and Imaging Sciences (BAS) is a career-oriented bachelor degree program designed to prepare radiation and imaging professionals to successfully compete for jobs that require highly developed technical skills, advanced certifications or supervisory and management skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply core competencies learned in the graduate’s chosen concentration to function as a successful professional in the field of radiation and imaging sciences
  • Complete a capstone project that demonstrates the breadth and depth of the educational preparation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership, ethical and economic issues as they pertain to the graduate’s professional field
  • Pass national certification examinations in their chosen required or elective courses
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continued competency through life- long learning

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for the BAS degree [PDF]


Course No. Course Name  Credit Hrs.
Proficiency Requirement
Math 099 Intermediate Algebra N/A
Proficient use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint N/A
Prerequisite Requirements
National Certification in radiologic technology,
diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy or
nuclear medicine
An associate degree in radiologic technology,
diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy or
nuclear medicine
Science Human Anatomy and Physiology I 5
Science Human Anatomy and Physiology II 5
English English Composition I 5
Humanities From AAS-DTA transfer list 5
Social Science From AAS-DTA transfer list 5
General Program and Concentration Requirements
BUS& 101 Introduction to Business 5
CMST 330 Intercultural Communication for the Professional Practitioner 5
ECON 315 Economics of Healthcare 5
MATH 130 Introduction to Statistics 5
PHIL 365 Biomedical Ethics: Theory and Practice 5
RAIM 301 Essentials of Imaging & Therapy 5
RAIM 411 Institutional Quality Management and Accreditation 5
RAIM 460 Management & Leadership in Healthcare 5
RAIM 475 Capstone Project 5
RAIT 301 Sectional Anatomy  3
RAIT 302 Body Pathophysiology  3
RAIT 303 Neuropathophysiology  3
RAIT 490 Information & Image Management 3
Choose 5 credits from the following: 5
ENGL 201 The Research Paper (5 cr)  
ENGL& 235 Technical Writing (5 cr)  
Choose 28 credits from the following: 28
RAIM 320 Finance and Accounting for Healthcare (5 Cr)  
RAIM 325 Organizational Theory and Behavior(5 Cr)  
RAIM 340 Human Resources Management in Healthcare (5 Cr)  
RAIM 350 Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Healthcare (5 Cr)  
RAIM 399 Radiation and Imaging Science Independent Study (1-5 Cr)  
RAIM 401 Marketing in the Healthcare Environment(5 Cr)  
RAIM 440 New Business Planning for Healthcare(5 Cr)  
RAIT 310 CT Instrumentation & Procedures (3 Cr)  
RAIT 311 Clinical Practicum – CT (12 Cr)  
RAIT 312 or
BIOL 312
Biology of Cancer (5 Cr)  
RAIT 315 MRI Instrumentation & Procedures(3 Cr)  
RAIT 316 Clinical Practicum – MRI (12 Cr)  
RAIT 320 Interventional Procedures (3 Cr)  
RAIT 321 Vascular interventional Clinical (12 Cr)  
RAIT 325 Mammography (4 Cr)  
RAIT 326 Ultrasound Physics for Mammographers(3 Cr)  
RAIT 327 Breast Ultrasound for Mammographers(3 Cr)  
RAIT 328 Ultrasound Equipment for Mammographers(2 Cr)  
RAIT 329 Mammography Clinical (4 Cr)  
RAIT 330 Breast Ultrasound for Sonographers (3 Cr)  
RAIT 331 Clinical Practicum in Breast Ultrasound (12 Cr)  
RAIT 340 Fetal Echocardiography for Sonographers (3 Cr)  
RAIT 341 Clinical Practicum for Fetal Echocardiography (12 Cr)  
RAIT 344 Sonographer Vascular Technology (3 Cr)  
RAIT 345 Clinical Practicum for Vascular Sonography (12 Cr)  
RAIT 350 Nuclear Cardiology (5 Cr)  
RAIT 359 Basics of Positron Emission Tomography  
RAIT 360 Positron Emission Tomography (3 Cr)  
RAIT 361 Clinical Practicum – PET (12 Cr)  
RAIT 399 Independent Studies (1-5 Cr)  
RAIT 401 Advanced Sectional Anatomy (2 Cr)  
RAIT 410 Advanced CT Procedures (3 Cr)  
RAIT 415 Advanced MRI Procedures (3 Cr)  
Grand Total    180

The following certificate(s) are nested in this degree:

& - A common course identifier recognized among Washington State Community and Technical Colleges.

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