Non-Transfer Degrees

Associate in Arts General Studies

The AAGS is a degree that grants academic recognition for the completion of 90 applicable college level credits. It is not designed for students intending to transfer to a university/college in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree. It does not fulfill the first two years of general education requirements for a bachelor degree (if pursuing a bachelor degree is your intent, see the Associate Transfer Degrees or our Bachelor's Degree Programs).

Associate in Occupational and Life Skills

OLS is an associate degree program designed for postsecondary highly motivated adults with mild developmental delays. This degree prepares students to become self-determined, responsible citizens. Students develop a career pathway, interpersonal skills, and participate in related internship experiences. Admission information available through the OLS at Bellevue College website.

Professional/Technical Associate in Arts Degrees

Earn a degree in a professional or technical field.

BC General Education requirements embedded

We have developed a general education program that incorporates the essential elements of liberal learning. This General Education program is designed to address areas and specific requirements that ensure that students’ learning experiences prepare them to build fulfilling and successful lives as individuals, workers, citizens, and life-long learners. The courses students take to complete the AAGS and the AOLS degree fulfill BC General Education Requirements in Reasoning, Communication, Responsibility, Cultural Traditions, Science & Environment.

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