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Associate in Arts Degree Interior Studies

Brief Description

The Associate of Arts in Interior Studies is a two-year degree open to anyone interested in a career in interior design. Graduates have found employment in sales, customer service, or professional support. The degree also forms the foundation for entry into the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design program.

Learning Outcomes

Degree recipients should possess the skills and abilities described below:

  • Apply creative, critical, analytical and strategic thinking skills in all phases of the design process
  • Apply design fundamentals, theories and concepts to interior design problems
  • Apply knowledge of history in art, architecture, and interior design to contemporary design problems
  • Apply the design process to interior design problems, including design programming, schematics and design development
  • Produce competent contract documents including coordinated drawings, schedules and specifications
  • Communicate information, both oral and written, in a clear, concise and well organized manner
  • Use manual and computer-aided drafting skills to create accurate, measured drawings
  • ┬áSelect and effectively integrate a range of presentation skills, including drawing, sketching, lettering, perspective, rendering, and model building, using appropriate media, colors and techniques
  • Apply knowledge of interior finishes and materials for appropriate selection, specification, installation and maintenance to interior designs
  • Demonstrate the attitudes, traits, and values of professional responsibility, accountability, and effectiveness within the context of interior design process and practice

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for this degree [PDF]


Course No. Course Name  Credit Hrs.
Core Courses (see note 1)
ART 101 Modern Architecture & Design 5
ART 110 Two-Dimensional Design 5
ART 111 Design Color 5
ART 112 Three-Dimensional Design  5
ART 120 Drawing I 5
INDES 140 Introduction to Interior Design  5
INDES 167 Digital Design Tools 2
INDES 171 Interior Design Studio I 5
INDES 172 Interior Design Studio II 5
INDES 242 Interior Materials & Sources 5
INDES 262 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design 5
INDES 265 Design Illustration 5
INDES 267 Digital Design Presentation 3
INDES 273 Interior Design Studio III 5
INDES 280 Contract Documents 5
SubTOTAL   70
ENGL& 101 English Composition I 5
ENVS& 100
or any Lab Science
Any lab science from AAS-DTA list
5 credits or more
Choose 5 credits from the following: 5
ART 201 History of Western Art (5 Cr)  
ART 202 History of Western Art (5 Cr)  
ART 203 History of Western Art (5 Cr)  
ART 205 Survey of Non-Western Art (5 Cr)  
Students planning to pursue the
Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design,
please note, the BAA degree requires students to complete
ART 203 and one of the other art history courses above.
Social Science Any social science from AAS-DTA list
5 credits or more
Cultural Diversity BC students are required to take a
5 credit cultural diversity course
Some courses fulfill both the CDR
and the social science elective requirement;
see both lists for details.
Reasoning (QSR)
Any course from the QSR section of
the AAS-DTA list of 5 credits or more

Notes on Interior Studies AA degree

  1. Students must earn a C- or better in Interior Design core courses

Certificate of Completion Green Sustainable Design

Notice: This program has been discontinued in the 2014-2015 Academic Year

Brief Description

The Green Sustainable Design certificate focuses on both commercial and residential interior architectural spaces. Students study leadership in energy and environmental design for commercial interiors (LEEDCI), LEED for homes and the local Built-Green rating systems; present best practices case studies in sustainable design of interiors; research precedent studies, examining built projects and evaluating the success according to sustainable theories, applications and life-cycle assessments; and prepare for the LEED Accredited Professional exam at a third party testing site.

Learning Outcomes

Certificate recipients should possess the skills and abilities described below:

  • Select appropriately sustainable materials and products based on their life-cycle properties and performance criteria
  • Apply knowledge of sustainable sources, installation methods, and material maintenance for sustainable materials and products to design of interiors
  • Apply the concept of sustainable building methods and materials to design of interiors
  • Use Ecological Footprint and other indicators of human use of energy and other resources in designing interiors
  • Understand the LEED Building Rating System, the appropriate application of LEED-CI rating standards for interior materials, and the LEED rating system within the context of professional practice, project types and applications

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for this certificate [PDF]


Course No. Course Name  Credit Hrs.
INDES 145 Introduction to Sustainable Design 5
INDES 146 Practical Applications of Sustainable Design 5
INDES 147 Healthy Sustainable Interiors 5
Total   15

Professional or technical program offerings and course requirements listed in this website may be altered by the college to reflect the needs of industry, student interests and availability of resources.

Career Pathways

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