Applied Sciences


Associate in Applied Science-T Degree
Molecular Sciences Technician

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Brief Description

Graduates with a two-year molecular sciences technician degree will be prepared to work as laboratory technicians in a variety of environments, including bioscience research labs, chemical research labs, and environmental science labs. Typical job titles include biological technician, chemical technician, and laboratory technician. Individuals wishing to continue their education to the baccalaureate degree will be well prepared for the BAS in Molecular Biosciences planned at Bellevue

Learning Outcomes

Degree recipients should possess the following skills and abilities:

  • Read, understand, carry out protocols and use appropriate laboratory equipment with minimal supervision
  • Apply the scientific method and good experimental design in the workplace
  • Integrate laboratory skills and theory into job-related tasks
  • Analyze and summarize scientific data using analytical and computational tools
  • Communicate scientific ideas in either written or oral formats in a manner that is appropriate for either a technical or non-technical audience

Program Requirements

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for this degree [PDF]


Core Coursework

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
BIOL 275 Laboratory Methods in Genomics 6
BUS& 101 Introduction to Business 5
BTS 147 Presentation Design & Delivery 3
CHEM& 161 General Chemistry I 6
CHEM& 162 General Chemistry II 6
CHEM& 163 General Chemistry III 6
CHEM 275 Introduction to Instrumental Analysis 6
ENGL& 101 English Composition I 5
ENGL& 235 Technical Writing 5
MATH 130 Introduction to Statistics 5
MATH& 151 Calculus I 5
MATH& 152 Calculus II 5
Choose 6 credits from the following: 6
BIOL& 160 General Biology w/Lab (6 Cr)
BIOL& 211 Biology Majors Cellular (6 Cr)
Choose 5 credits from the following (fulfills Cultural Diversity Requirement at Bellevue College): 5
CMST 250 Organizational Communication (5 Cr)
CMST 280 Intercultural Communication (5 Cr)


Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
Choose 5 credits from the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) 5

Science Electives

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
Choose 12 credits from the following: 12
BIOL& 241 Anatomy & Physiology I (6 Cr)
BIOL& 242 Anatomy & Physiology II (6 Cr)
Or two of the following approved science electives:
BIOL& 260 Microbiology (6 Cr)
CHEM& 131 Introduction to Organic/Biochemistry (6 Cr)
CHEM& 261 Organic Chemistry I (6 Cr)
CHEM& 262 Organic Chemistry II (6 Cr)
CHEM& 263 Organic Chemistry III (6 Cr)
PHYS& 114 General Physics I (6 Cr)
PHYS& 115 General Physics II (6 Cr)
PHYS& 116 General Physics III (6 Cr)
PHYS& 121 General Engineering Physics I (6 Cr)
PHYS& 122 General Engineering Physics II (6 Cr)
PHYS& 123 General Engineer Physics III (6 Cr)

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