College in the High School Program

High school students have an opportunity to earn both college and high school credits by taking college-level classes at your school.

In Order to Qualify You Must

  • Be enrolled in a participating high school
  • Meet specific course requirements and prerequisites

Note: Check with your high school counselors and teachers about College in the High School classes.

Advantages of this Program

  • The classes are college-level and provide a challenging educational experience
  • You can earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously
  • The credits you earn are transferable to Washington State community colleges and universities, as well as to most other universities
  • The fees are hundreds of dollars less than college tuition for comparable credits
  • In contrast to Running Start, this program allows you to earn college credit without leaving your high school campus
  • In contrast to AP courses, you will be assured to earn college credit upon successful completion of the class instead of relying on test scores


Note: not all courses are offered at every high school.

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • History, Pacific NW
  • Japanese
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Spanish

Classes selected for this program are typically advanced classes taught in the high school by qualified high school faculty. Bellevue College faculty coordinators, in collaboration with the high school instructors, determine that the courses are comparable to the same courses at the college level, with equivalent content, college-level texts, course outcomes, and student assessments. High school faculty who teach the courses must meet college faculty hiring criteria.

Costs and Funding

The cost is $150 per 5-credit class.

Costs for classes are considerably less than 2-and-4-year institutions. The school district bears the cost of instruction, textbooks, materials and faculty professional development.

Sign up

You can coordinate registration and payments through your high school faculty teaching College in the High School classes.

Faculty-to-Faculty Collaboration

The program’s success is based on collaboration and ongoing communication between college and high school faculty. Once a course is selected for the program, college faculty coordinators and high school faculty meet regularly to discuss educational issues as well as logistical tasks like student registrations, fee payments and grade reporting.

Need More Information?

Contact Office of Instruction

  • Phone: (425) 564-2257
  • Office A202 at Bellevue College

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