Academic Concentration

Planning to transfer to a University to pursue a degree in psychology?

Bellevue College Psychology Department offers an academic concentration in psychology on your Associates in Arts and Sciences degree.

To qualify, students must:

  • Take four courses (20 credits) in Psychology as part of the AAS degree.
    • Five of these credits may be applied to distribution area; the other 15 credits will be counted as Psychology electives (or, applied to concentration area).
  • Apply to the department chair for approval and a recommendation.
Students must take the following steps to ensure qualification:
  1. Complete the Application for Academic Concentration form.
  2. See an advisor in the Psychology department for advising.
  3. Submit your completed Application and a copy of your college transcript to the Psychology Department Chair before applying to graduate.

Get your bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University by taking classes on Bellevue College campus:


The Bellevue College campus hosts a B.A. in Psychology degree through Eastern Washington University. For more information about this program, contact Eastern @ Bellevue by phone at (425) 564-5100 or email

Are you already thinking about graduate school in psychology?

The American Psychological Association has a great set of video resources on how to prepare for and apply to graduate school. View them here!

Last Updated August 10, 2016