Wait List Procedures

If you register yourself in a class on the waitlist – please be aware of your responsibilities:

  • There is NEVER a guarantee you will get into a class from the waitlist.
  • You must check the waitlist daily. To view your status go through online services or click the link provided.
  • It is your responsibility to remove yourself from the waitlist if you are no longer interested in taking the class.
  • You may only be on 1 waitlist at a time.
  • You may not enroll in a class and be on a waitlist for the SAME class. – Both classes will be dropped.
  • The last day you can add yourself to a waitlist is the day BEFORE the first day of the class.
  • If you are on a waitlist – you must attend the class when the quarter starts. Ask the instructor on the first day if  they plan to add students from the waitlist. If yes, keep attending and ask them if you could be added (they may make you wait until the 4th day to confirm) and how you will be added into the class.  They will provide instructions.  If they will NOT add students, come directly to the High School Programs office so we can assist you in finding another class.
  • Be advised some instructors say they will add and end up deciding not to.  They will tell you the 4th day of class whether you will be added or not.
  • Even if you are #1 on the waitlist – there is NO guarantee you will get off the waitlist.