Future Students

Is Running Start a Good Fit?

Academic Expectations Class participation is an important and integral part of being a college student. Most instructors include this as part of your grade. Attendance is also a common percentage of your grade. Some instructors may fail you if you miss more then 4 classes. You should know how you are doing at all times, …more about Is Running Start a Good Fit?


You must be a Junior or Senior as determined by your high school and/or school district and/or home school co-op by your first quarter of Running Start Second year seniors are not eligible to enroll for the first time in the Running Start Program Currently enrolled in a Washington State public high school If you …more about Eligibility


Priority Fall applications closed May 13 We will reopen application early July -if you missed the deadline check back early July to apply to attend Fall 2016 .    Those that cannot meet all requirements in addition to being in town for Registration – will be moved to the Late Registration session in September.   You …more about Admissions

Assessment Preparation

Taking an Assessment test can be intimidating. We’ve got great resources for you to practice before taking the COMPASS Assessment Test and to get familiar with some great test-taking strategies. Let’s Prep! You should definitely do some prep work before taking the COMPASS test. By brushing up on your reading and math skills before testing, …more about Assessment Preparation

College Life

Running Start students are “regular” college students with the same privileges and responsibilities of any other college student. Studies show that students do better academically if they participate and are engaged in class. The Academic Success Center (Building D 204) has drop in tutoring available. Want someone to review your paper and offer suggestions before …more about College Life