Fall Quarter 2015 Priority Applications Open on Monday, March 2, 2015 at 8:00 AM

and close on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Late applications for the fall 2015 quarter will open on Monday, July 6, 2015

We are no longer taking applications for Spring.

* if you are currently a Sophomore or Junior  – you may apply for Fall Quarter Running Start when applications open.

Step 1:  Read Step 1 before you apply:

You will first be asked to set up an account with your own user ID and password. After that you will then need to fill out the application to attend BC through the Running Start Program.

The online application consists of four sections. All required questions are marked with an asterisk(*). You can save the application at any time and return later to complete it. There is not an application fee.  Use your legal name – no nicknames, when applying.

You know your application was submitted if you receive confirmation to the email provided on the application – ” If you receive this email that means we have received your Fall 2015 quarter Running Start Application …..”  If you did not receive that – you did not complete the application, it is possible that you only created the username and password.

Once we process your application, wait to receive an email with your Bellevue College Student Identification Number (SID). It is extremely important that you provide a valid e-mail address on your application.  Often the SID email notification gets directed to your spam/junk folder. Be sure to check there too.

Apply Here

If you are currently enrolled in Bellevue College as Running Start student DO NOT reapply.

Step 2: Take the COMPASS Assessment

Once you receive you Student Identification Number and testing instruction email, you need to register to take the assessment. Do not delay and we recommend you test the earliest time you can.  You may take the assessment a second time if you do not place into English 101 the first time.

On the day of your test, bring photo I.D., your BC student I.D. number, and a check or money order for $21.50. Failure to follow these instructions may result in not being able to take the test that day.

  • Test Services is located in B142.
  • Email the Running Start Office that you have taken the test:
  • Contact our office for options if you take the assessment twice and still do not place into English 101
  •  Continue to check your email daily as all instructions are sent via email.  Please do this from a desktop. We have noticed many students checking email from their smart phones do not see the emails we send
  •  Once we confirm your test scores we will email you the next instructions

Continue on if you placed into English 101

Step 3: Create  your BC email account:

We previously asked you to do this in the email we sent that included your SID and instructed you to come test. IF you have not done so – do so now.

Now that you have passed the COMPASS test, you are half way there to being a BC student.  You are required to create a BC email and it is your responsibility to check for messages often.  Create a Bellevue College NetID Here, or check the MYBC and choose “create my account” on the Bellevue College website.

You will be enrolled in the online Running Start Pre-Orientation class that starts April 6, 2015. This class will need to be completed and you must pass the class in order to register to attend mandatory Running Start Orientation/Registration.

Step 4: Complete pre-orientation/registration online class (no cost, no credit but mandatory) 

This needs to be completed no later than May 18th.

This self-paced online class can be completed in one day. Once you complete the testing and notify our office, we will send you instructions regarding this class. You must complete all modules before we will allow you to signup for an orientation/registration date. It is important you don’t delay in any of these steps. The earlier you can complete these steps, the earlier date you can sign up for an orientation/registration session (step 6) Later registration dates will have fewer class options.

Step 5:  Submit the Enrollment Verification Form:

The Running Start Enrollment Verification Form must be submitted to the Running Start Office (B233) by 4:00 PM, Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We need it prior to orientation to code the computer. Failure to follow this direction will result in a delay in your ability to register for classes.

Here is the process to do that:

  • Print out the Running Start Enrollment Verification form  from the attachment we emailed you
  • Make an appointment to meet with your High School Counselor, Home School Counselor or School District Representative
  • You will fill out the white top section of the RS Enrollment Verification Form
  • In meeting with your High School Counselor you will plan your schedule. The counselor will then complete the middle area of the form and sign it
  • You will then along with your parent/guardian carefully read the entire form, including the section immediately above the student/parent signature section which is an     explanation of possible tuition and fees charged to you by the college
  • You and your parent/guardian must sign the form
  • Submit to our office: in person, scan and email to or fax to 425-564-6029 no later than May 20, 2015
  • It is your responsibility to submit this form – DO NOT leave it at your high school for them to do
  • We recommend that you keep a copy for your files before sending

IMPORTANT: All sections of the form (student, counselor, parent/guardian) must be filled out and signed completely and accurately. If the form is not complete or incorrect, we will return the form to you. We are unable to accept a large portion of forms submitted to us because they are not complete and/or accurate. Please help us help you by submitting complete and accurate Running Start Enrollment Verification Form!

Step 6: Sign up for the Mandatory Orientation/Registration:

We will offer several dates and times for students to attend Running Start Orientation/Registration.

You will receive THE FINAL STEPS email only if you place into English 101 and completed and passes the Running Start Pre-orientation online class. The final email is how you will register for an optional advising workshop and mandatory Running Start Orientation/Registration.

The email you receive will include a link you need to use to sign yourself up for a specific session. There will be multiple sessions throughout each day offered. Due to limited seating, only the student is able to sign up. Be sure to sign up only one time and use your legal name.

Step 7 – OPTIONAL – Sign up for the Advising Workshop

3:30PM – 4:30PM Room N201- Main Campus – TBD

This is not a mandatory meeting, but we strongly recommend you attend especially home schooled students and those following HB 1758.

You will receive THE FINAL STEPS email with information regarding how to register for the mandatory orientation/registration and optional advising Workshops. (Same email as noted in Step 4.) The email you receive will include a link you need to use to sign yourself up for the session. Parents may attend this too. This is not a mandatory meeting, but we strongly recommend you attend especially home schooled students and those following HB 1758.

You will attend a mandatory Running Start Orientation/Registration date that you signed up for

  • You will register for classes during your orientation/registration session you signed up for
  • Payment for classes and fees need to be paid immediately to avoid classes dropped for nonpayment – Running Start is not totally free – all students will have a bill
  • There will be a Parent Welcome Meeting offered during limited days – dates TBD

Congratulations!  You have made it through the various steps to becoming a Bellevue College Student.  We are here to help you succeed! Please note Running Start Mandatory Orientation/Registration is for STUDENTS ONLY!