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Canvas is Bellevue College’s “Learning Management System” or “LMS”. It enables instructors to build and maintain a secure workspace to share course content, communicate with students, provide online learning activities and assessments, and keep track of their students’ progress.

Learn about Canvas with a student Canvas workshop

Before getting started, familiarize yourself with Canvas through one of the workshops below. These workshops are geared towards the student experience and cover the basic concepts that are used in most Canvas sites at Bellevue College.

  • On-campus student workshops. During the first week of the quarter, you can stop in for live, hands-on instruction in the use of Canvas.
  • Recorded webinars. View a recorded session that will give you a 30 minute overview of what you will experience in Canvas.
  • Canvas student orientation. This page is a full learning resource for Canvas, starting with student questions, technical requirements, and information on how to use Canvas on your mobile device, followed by videos that step you through using Canvas. To watch the student orientation, scroll down to the fourth topic heading, “Canvas Student Orientation.”
  • Canvas online learning workshops. This is a workshop sponsored by the eLearning Department and is offered for students taking Online and Hybrid Courses using Canvas. The workshop is offered on specific days, before the start of the quarter, but on those days, you may work at home, at a time of your own choosing, at your own pace.  Advanced registration is required.

You learned about Canvas, but you have more questions

If you’ve taken one (or more) of the workshops listed above, and you are encountering issues in Canvas, take a look at our self-help guides below:


Learning about Canvas is the first thing you must do before you begin using it. If you’ve taken one (or more) of the workshops listed above, but you still have questions, you can get more information on the Canvas FAQ and troubleshooting pages below:


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