Advisor: Nancy McEachram

VISION:Vision of ESL club:

-to become the most popular and well known club between ESL students and teachers;
-to attract a lot of ESL students to be member of our club that will increase the number of our club members;
-to make a significant contribution in the ESL program education and to become the important part of it.

The mission of the ESL Club is to provide support and instruction in the English language, American culture, and about many other cultures and make friends, who will eventually become as a second family. All members will practice speaking English, as they will communicate with peoples from various parts of the world. As a result, they will enrich their college experience and have a worldly view. ESL club is designed for immigrant and refugee students to practice their English by speaking and listening in small groups. Volunteers will guide participants through interesting conversational topics such as travel, food, shopping, career searching skills, etc. The mission of our club is to provide a comfortable and safe environment to practice speaking and listening in English (despite the problems of the native language accent and/or difficulties in grammar).

ESL club strives to support each individual ESL student and to assist students in gaining independence and achieving success through increased English language. Our goals are to increase ESL club member's success by:

-good communication and teamwork
-intellectual freedom
-equality between members
-creating good leadership and partnerships
-openness and inclusion
-creativity and innovation.

How do the Vision, Mission, & Goals benefit BC students and/or community?

ESL club is the first club in Bellevue College, that was created for immigrants and refugee students.
By actively participating in our ESL club, students will become more comfortable and confident interacting in a wide range of U.S. social, career, and educational situations and increase their understanding of and respect for living in a multicultural society.
Equality among the members of ESL club allows each member to demonstrate and develop leadership skills.
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