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it’s snowing…is campus closed?

To find out if the college is closed,
  • call (425) 401-6680 for a recorded message; or
  • check these online resources:

i lost my ipod…where’s lost & found?

The Public Safety Office keeps the central “Lost and Found” for all BC facilities. If you find a lost item on campus, please take it to K100 for safekeeping or call 564-2400 to have a staff member pick it up.

how do i get an entry code?

Contact the division or program office for the class. If appropriate, they will provide an entry code to register for a class.
what is canvas?
  • Canvas is BC's new learning management system which replaces BlackBoard Vista fall quarter 2012 and will replace MyBC Course Sites winter quarter 2013. More details...
  • Getting Started Guides
    If you're a first time user of Canvas, check out our user guides to get started.
  • Contact the Distance Ed. Office at 425-564-2438, toll-free at 1-877-641-2712; e-mail
  • Canvas Help Center
  • Contact the Student Technology Support Center website at
is there wi-fi on campus?

Yes. Set up and location information at

what about textbooks? can i rent them?

Textbooks for credit classes are available in the Main Bookstore and Continuing Education textbooks are available at the North Campus bookstore. Textbooks may be pre-ordered and paid for online. You must have the class section number to obtain the appropriate textbook. A limited number of textbooks are available for rent. See the bookstore website for details.

Other BC Rental Options - iPad 3, TI-84 Calculators, Lenovo Netbooks
Is having a Student ID mandatory?

No. Having a student ID is optional. However, without the ID you will be unable to check out books from the library, use the Open Computer lab and participate in the Open Gym sessions. More services requiring student ID cards may be added in the near future.
How are the student fees that I pay utilized?

Student fees fund a multitude of student programs (such as the Associated Student Government, Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, Leadership Institute, and many more), student clubs and fund events (such as the Halloween Night, Multi- Cultural Festival, Black History Month, etc.). There are over 70 programs, over 80 clubs and hundreds of events funded by Student Fees. A committee, on which students are a majority, is charged with distributing the funds collected from student fees.
How can I start a student club?

For a club to be chartered, 5 students must come together and agree on the particulars of the club life. They need to find a faculty or a staff advisor, in which they will be assisted by the Student Programs Office staff. Lastly, the students need to complete the chartering application (a 3-page form), available at the Student Programs office and online at
How do I get registered?

Students may register via the web using their SID and PIN numbers. Go to then select Registration.
How can I start school?

New and Former Students Online class registration ends on the third day of each quarter, except summer when it ends on the second day.
If you miss the recommended quarterly admission application deadline, register soon after your application is submitted. The enrollment calendar provides details on important dates and deadlines.
Why have I been dropped from my classes?

There is a variety of reasons why a student may have been dropped from classes. Most often it’s for non-payment of tuition or unmet prerequisites. Students should go to the SSC (Student Services Center) to get details.
The math class I want is closed, how do I get into the class?

If a desired class is closed, you can sign up for the Wait List and then check your schedules daily online. You will be automatically enrolled in the class if an opening occurs through the third day of the quarter. Students who have not been registered for the class via the Wait List process by the first day of classes should go to the class on the first day for further instructions.
Why is it telling me I don’t meet the prerequisites; I took the pre-req at another school?

If a student has prerequisites that they have taken at another school the student must bring in a copy of the grade report or an unofficial transcript to the Student Service Center and/or Division office.
What’s the block on my account?

Come to the Student Service Center or call our general info line at 425-564-2222 to determine the nature of your block. Several things could be the cause, including academic probation or dismissal or unpaid parking fees.
How long do I have to pay my tuition?

Tuition and fees are due immediately. There is a grace period of 7 calendar days from the first day you register for classes OR by the first day of the quarter, whichever comes first. There is no grace period once the quarter has begun.