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Bellevue College Laura Saunders, Interim President

Become Exceptional at BC!

While spring is traditionally associated with fresh starts and new beginnings, at a college it happens every fall. Yes, new students can enroll at any time, but fall is considered the beginning of a new academic year. For me, this is my first fall at Bellevue College and I’m truly excited to greet new and returning students and to have my own first year experience as well. And, while it won’t be the same as the student experience, each day that I’m at BC brings a greater understanding of how this amazing college is providing opportunities for its students to Become Exceptional.

For those of you who are entering college for the first time, I encourage you to take the time to not only learn in your classroom or online environment, but to forge connections with other students, your world class faculty, and the eager support staffs. Use this time to create lifelong relationships that expand your horizons and enhance the world. Join a club, explore cultural activities, and develop an appreciation for the diversity around you.

If you are a returning student and/or a lifelong learner, I congratulate you for continuing to pursue your education. Whether you are changing careers, seeking additional professional skills or enhancing your personal knowledge, Bellevue College will support all your educational endeavors. Each time I have returned to the classroom, I develop a greater appreciation for all that there is to learn and explore. Bellevue College is committed to providing all students with opportunities to succeed and meet their educational goals.

In addition to personal success, Bellevue College students contribute to the success of the Puget Sound region, the state of Washington, and the world. Whether it’s healthcare technology, network administration or movie making, BC students provide a solid foundation to the workforce in the region and beyond. As a Bellevue College graduate, your skills and abilities will be sought by employers or allow you to continue your education with additional advanced degrees. As a graduate from a world class college, the education you receive from Bellevue College will make a difference in your life. So whether you dream of being a star in the theater or shooting for the stars in astronomy, we are here to support your success, help your dreams come true, and give you a fresh start.


Dr. David L. Rule, Bellevue College President