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Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Contact Information

Cab team pictuer Office Location:  C225, Student Union Building,

(425) 564-6152 or (425) 564-2448

The Campus Activities Board provides social, cultural, and educational activities for Bellevue College and Eastside communities. Throughout the year, the CAB organizes a variety of activities: concerts in the Student Union building, lectures, and other entertaining events. The CAB also helps plan cultural activities. CAB provides low-cost graphic support to all student-funded programs. For more information about the Board, please stop by the Student Union Building, C225, or call (425) 564-2448 or (425) 564-6152.

Mission statement:
Three girls in costumes at International night event
By providing innovative programming in entertainment & social activities, the Campus Activities Board enhances educational & cultural experiences for the college community.

We here at CAB would like to extend an invitation to all of our fellow students to offer up suggestion, comments, or questions to us concerning past, present, or future events that you would like to see. Remember we are a student based organization and that means we would like to have our fingers on the pulse of the entire student population. Also, we have a wonderful publicity crew who constantly and consistently produce high quality posters and advertising for our campus events. So clubs and organizations please take advantage of this valuable resource.

Job Description

Publicity and Marketing Coordinator

  1. Responsible for the design and promotional plans and materials for CAB events and outreach promotion of CAB, including the calendar of events in the cafeteria hall
  2. Maintain CAB binder tracking and recording all events, activities and promotion materials developed throughout the year
  3. Responsible for CAB facebook and/ or other websites, update it every week
  4. Have a suggestion box for feedback from each events
Recreation and Entertainment Coordinator
  1. Shall sponsor activities that appeal to the recreation and leisure interests of students and the community. Activities may include, but not limited to De-stress Fest, Club Lounges, Talent Shows, Movie screenings, Karaoke, etc
  2. Shall work to diversify the dates, times, location, and cost of all events in order to involve a variety of students
  3. Sponsor and execute activities such as comedians, bands, solo artist, games and group activities; events that appeal to a wide array of ages, gender, ethnicity, and interests
  4. Shall actively seek input from the student body in order to determine the type of events that he/she will plan throughout the year. Work in conjunction with ASG Events and Sports representative

Lecture and Awareness Coordinator

  1. Shall Coordinate events with faculty members to involve classroom participation and further enhance classroom education
  2. Shall promote lectures that may include, but are not limited to, alcohol and substance abuse, the environment, sexual issues, culture and ethnicity, disability, crime prevention, health and wellness, legislation, education, and current political and global issues
  3. Shall be responsible for educating the campus and community with workshops, awareness weeks, or special events that appeal to issues affecting the campus, community, region, nation, world. This shall include but not limited to Alcohol Awareness Week, National Coming Out Day, World Food Day, Women History Month, and more.

CAB Grip

  1. Shall be responsible for maintaining the bulletin boards at the designated areas. Maintaining includes: creatively arrange the position of the posters to create more space, maintain the cleanliness of the bulletin boards and the surrounding areas, prioritize the importance of the posters that need to be put up, keep in track of the deadlines and stamped posters.
  2. Shall help other CABs in events, such as: setting up (sound system, decorations, etc), involving in the event, and cleaning up
  3. Shall be responsible of cleaning up and storing up the supplies in the storage room and cabinets