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Excerpt from Policy

Bellevue College assumes no responsibility for thefts or damages to vehicles parked on campus. For your own protection, remove valuables and lock your vehicle.

Parking Permits

BC students, who are parked on campus, are required to obtain a parking permit for their vehicles. Student parking permits are available from the Cashier’s Office (B126), Business Office (C105) or the Public Safety Office (K100).

General Parking Rules

Student parking is limited to areas designated “Student Parking.”

Parking after 3:00pm for students, staff, and faculty is available in all designated parking areas with the exceptions of parking spaces for the disabled, the college motor pool, and specifically reserved signed areas. Students may not park in employee lots with signage stating “No Student Parking Anytime Mon-Fri.”

On the BC main campus, parking permits are required Monday – Friday 6:00am – 3:00pm (with the exception of spaces reserved for visitors.

Park one vehicle to a space, inside a set of white lines.
No one may park at any time in roadways, fire lanes, bus zones, loading docks, service driveways; on sidewalks or on the landscaping. No one may park in a reserved space without the appropriate permit or authorization.

Students and Staff with Disabilities
You may park in a space reserved for the disabled only if your vehicle has a disabled plate or displays a valid “Disabled Persons Parking Identifications” issued by the state of Washington. Reserved spaces are available in most parking lots. Lot C-7 on the west side of campus is designated entirely for disability parking. 

Visitors may park in Lot 4.

The first level of the parking garage is reserved for student carpools (three or more students sharing one vehicle). Carpool permits are available only from the Public Safety Office and must be displayed on the dashboard of the carpool vehicle.

  • Parking Permits are issued to current BC Students and/or Employees only
  • Class schedules will be verified at the Public Safety office
  • There has to be a minimum of three Students and/or Employees
  • You will need the parking permit for each vehicle that will be parking on campus
  • All car pool participants must come in at the same time to apply for the permit
  • Vehicles must at a minimum have seating for three

Blocking the Roadway
Waiting in the parking lot roadway for a space to open up can create gridlock for everyone. Please be willing to come a little earlier or walk farther. Violators may be cited and their vehicles may be towed.

Speed Limit
The speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour on the roadways and 5 miles per hour in the parking lots unless posted otherwise. Adverse driving conditions may require a slower speed.

Pedestrians have the right of way at all times, except for emergency vehicles using lights, sirens, etc.

Public Safety Office Services
Contact the Public Safety Office (K100), Phone (425) 564-2400 if you need to jump-start a dead battery, if you have locked your keys in your car or if you have other minor problems which make your vehicle inoperable, especially if you will have to leave your vehicle in a parking lot overnight.

Accidents and Thefts
Please report accidents and stolen property to the Public Safety Office promptly. You may also need to make a report to the City of Bellevue Police Department.

Citations and Appeals
You may be cited for parking without a permit, parking in an unauthorized area, blocking a roadway, speeding, etc. If you do not pay the fine listed on the tickets, the college may delay your registration, place a hold on your transcripts or financial aid, and/or impound (tow away) your vehicle. Violators may be reported to a collection agency for unpaid fines, which may be directed to the registered owner. 

If you wish to appeal your ticket, fill out a citation appeal form online at . You must file the appeal within 20 days after the date on the ticket. The Traffic Citation Review Committee (‘Traffic Court’) will review your appeal and decided whether to uphold, reduce, or waive the fine. You are encouraged to attend the court and state your case but if you cannot attend, the committee will decide on the basis of the statement you write on the appeal form.

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