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Bellevue College Policies
Students Right-To-Know Act
Academic Forgiveness Policy
Academic Progress
Animals on Campus
Children on Campus
Classroom Behavioral Standards
Complaint Policy
Copyright and Fair Use Policy
Copyrighted Digital Material
Disclosure of Social Security
Discrimination, Harassment and
Drug-Free Environment
Equal Opportunity
Family Education Rights and
          Privacy Act (FERPA)
Financial Responsibilities
Grievance Procedures
Parking and Traffic Regulations
Refunds and Administrative Fees
Refund Procedures
Sexual Harassment
Smoking on Campus
Student Code
Student Rights and Freedoms
Vendor Policy
Withdrawing from Classes
The Student Right-to-Know Act requires that institutions receiving Title IV funding disclose specific information about the college. Information about Bellevue College and its campus is available for review for our students, which also includes the bachelor degree students, on BC’s website at You can also access much of this information throughout this annual Course Catalog, including BC website links to specific topics. In addition, some hard-copy reports are available as noted below.

Student Right-to-Know Information 
Web URL and/or Office
Affirmation of Inclusion 
Costs of Attending BC 
Degree & Certificate Programs Available at BC 
Directory – Staff and Faculty 
Disability Access 
Drug-Free Environment 
Enrollment Policies 
Equal Opportunity in Education and Employment 
Equity in Athletics
or pick up a report copy in the Athletics Department, G100
Athlete Graduation Rates
or pick up a report copy in the Athletics Department, G100
Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA); Disclosure of Student Information 
Financial Aid 
General Educational Development (GED) 
Graduation/Transfer Completion 
Limitation of Liability 
Public Safety Report
or pick up a hard copy in the Public Safety office, K100
Smoking on Campus 
State Support for Higher Education 
Student Profile 
Transfer Students Rights and Responsibilities