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Disability Resource Center

Disability Support Services imageContact Information
Office Location: B 132
Phone: (425) 564-2498 or TTY (425) 564-4110 or (425)440-2025 V.P.
Program Website:

Program Description
Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides academic adjustments and auxiliary aids or core services equal access to classroom material for eligible students with disabilities. To begin the process, students are required to submit qualifying documentation for their disability. During and intake meeting, appropriate accommodations are determined using disability laws and college procedure as guidelines. The program provides opportunities for students to build skills in self-advocacy, knowledge of institutional systems and knowledge of internal and community resources.

The DRC testing rooms in B132 provide a combination of uniquely equipped computers for students with approved accommodations. There is also assistive technology for computers available in the Open Computer Lab (N250) for DRC-enrolled students.

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