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Distance Education

Distance Education imageContact Information
Office Location: A 140
Phone: (425) 564-2438 or 1-877-641-2712
Program Website:

Program Description
BC’s Distance Education is designed for students who prefer to learn at off-campus, according to their own schedules. Distance Education students get the same breadth and depth of material and earn the same college credit as students in regular classrooms.

There are two main Distance Education options:

  • Telecourses are conducted with video programs (on tape or via The College Channel), textbooks, study guides, and on-campus orientation and review sessions.
  • Online courses are conducted entirely via the Internet; students must access each online class daily for assignments, discussions, etc.
As a Distance Education student, you need the self-motivation and self-discipline to focus, set goals, and complete assignments on time without daily face-to-face contact with an instructor and other students. Check the self-assessment questionnaire and course site tutorial on the website to see if Distance Education is right for you.

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