What We're About:
The students at New Student Orientations giving tours!
The students hosting our monthly Ice Cream Social!
The students calling new students every quarter to welcome them to the school!
The students volunteering at campus events in support of our diverse clubs, programs, and departments!
But that is just the start!

We are students reaching out to students! We take every opportunity to build community at Bellevue College. Reaching out and making connections!

Peer to Peer's mission and goals are guided by students. If you have a passion for reaching out and want to share, we can help make it happen!

Peer to Peer is designed to provide an environment where students are empowered to create opportunities meant to enhance their learning beyond the classroom, develop their personal leadership style, and build a strong foundation for success in life after college. Students do this by sharing and exploring their various passions and experiences and serving as student leaders in the campus community. Our Peer Mentors are the glue that holds the college community together.

A Peer Mentor can be anyone. Peer to Peer students range from those already active in various clubs and programs on campus to students experiencing their first week on campus. Historically, many Associated Student Government (ASG) and other club officers make their start in the Peer to Peer program. As a Peer Mentor our students provide social support in a friendly environment helping first year students with their transition to the school, make them feel at home in the academic environment, and enhance their college experience. They serve at monthly volunteer events and participate in the Leadership Institute's leadership retreats, credited classes, and campus training sessions.

Our Mission:
Peer to Peer team
To build relationships among students and their community so that they may learn from each other and find the support needed to truly be successful in college and in life through mutual mentoring while giving back to the campus and local community.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the P2P program or have questions please:
Visit us in Student Programs C212

Email us at s.fisher@bellevuecollege.edu
Call 425.564.5091
Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BCPeertoPeer

To start receiving information from the program please download and complete the form below; to submit the form please email it or better yet come see us in the office! Once you sign up, you will receive email notices for upcoming events and opportunities. It's up to you how often and when you want to engage.
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We hope to see you soon!
Peer to Peer team Peer to Peer team Peer to Peer team Peer to Peer team

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