Application Process

Step 1: Summer Quarter 2015 Application will be Available:

Are Now Closed!


You will first be asked to set up an account with your own user ID and password. After that you will then need to fill out the application to attend BC thru the Summer Enrichment Program. The application fee for the Program is $34.00 and is due at the time you apply..

All required questions are marked with an asterisk(*). You can save the application at any time and return later to complete it. Use your legal name – no nicknames, when applying.

You know your application was submitted if you receive confirmation to the email provided on the application – ” If you received this email that means we have received you application –   Thank you for applying for Summer Enrichment Program. We attempt to process applications in 15 business days or less. Once your application is processed you will receive an email notifying you of your Bellevue College Student I.D. number and next steps. …..“  If you did not receive this email – you did not complete the application, possibly you only created the username and password.

Please NOTE: *If you are an existing Running Start Student or took class/es last summer through the Summer Enrichment Program once you have complete the online application please submit the completed and signed 2015 Summer Enrichment Program Enrollment Verification Form and turn it into The Center for High School Programs immediately. You will not be able to register for class/es until we receive and process the form. If you have attended RS Orientation or will attend RS Registration/Orientation this spring for the fall quarter 2015, or if you attend Summer Enrichment Orientation last summer quarter, then you do not need to attend Summer Enrichment Orientation, it is only for new students.

Remember if you need to retake the Compass Placement to meet math or science prerequisite you will need to do this prior to being able to register for class/es. The test is $21.50 and you will you photo identification.

Please NOTE: *If you are new to Bellevue College, once we process your application, wait to receive an email with your Bellevue College Student Identification Number (SID). You will receive this no later than 15 business days after you submitted your application.  It is extremely important that you provide a valid e-mail address on your application.  Often the SID email notification gets directed to your spam/junk folder. Be sure to check there too.

Step 2: Take the COMPASS assessment

Once you receive you Student Identification Number please check the Testing Services website for date and times of testing, assessment calendar.

On the day of your test, bring photo I.D., your BC student I.D. number, and a check or money order for $21.50. Failure to follow these instructions may result in not being able to take the test that day.

  • Testing must be completed on or before Wednesday, May 27, 2015 (Including 2nd attempt if needed)
  • Email the Center for High School Programs that you have taken the test
  • Wait for confirmation email from the Center for High School Programs that we have confirmed you have taken the test.

Continue on if you placed into English 092 or higher

You will receive an email no later that 10 business days or by Thursday, May 28, 2015  after you have informed us you completed the test. The email will provide you with the following information: Completing and submitting the Summer Enrichment Verification Form and how to register for the mandatory orientation.

Step 3: Create  your BC email account.

Now that you have passed the COMPASS test, you are half way there to being a BC student.  You are required to create a BC email and it is your responsibility to check for messages often.  Create a Bellevue College NetID Here, or check the MYBC and choose “create my account” on the Bellevue College website.

Step 4:  Submit the Summer Enrichment Enrollment Verification Form

New students that are only attending the Summer Quarter must attend MANDATORY Summer Enrichment Orientation on June 3, 2015 the completed and signed Summer Enrichment Enrollment Verification Form must be submitted to the Center for High School Programs (B233) by 12:00 PM, Wednesday, May 27, 2015. You will not be able to register for classes on Thursday, June 4, 2015 if you did not turn in your completed and signed Summer Enrichment Verification Form by Wednesday, May 27, 2015 or if you miss the mandatory orientation!  If your form is late, once we receive the form it will be processed within 5 business days and then you will be able to register.

Here is the process to do that:

  • Print out the 2015 Summer Enrichment Enrollment Verification Form from the attachment we emailed you.
  • Make an appointment to meet with your High School Counselor, Home School Counselor or School District Representative
  • Complete all areas of the form that apply to you the student
  • In meeting with your High School Counselor you will discuss if you plan to use this class or classes for high school credit. The counselor, district rep. will then complete the bottom portion of the form and sign
  • If you are a home school student and do not belong to a K-12 Public Home School Co-op, this form only needs to be signed by you and a parent or guardian
  • You will then along with your parent/guardian carefully read the entire form
  • You and your parent/guardian must sign the form
  • Submit to our office: in person, scan and email to or fax to 425-564-6029
  • It is your responsibility to submit this form – DO NOT leave it at your high school for them to do.
  • We recommend that you keep a copy for your files before sending.

IMPORTANT: All sections of the form (student, counselor, parent/guardian) must be filled out and signed completely and accurately. If the form is not complete or correct, we will return the form to you. We are unable to accept a large portion of forms submitted to us because they are not complete and/or accurate. Please help us help you by submitting complete and accurate Running Start Enrollment Verification Form!

Step 5: Sign up for the Mandatory Orientation/Registration

Once we receive notice from you regarding you have taken the Compass Placement Test and we review your test scores, you will receive an email that will include the link you need to use to sign yourself up for a orientation. Orientation is MANDATORY and all new to the college students must attend orientation, in order to register for classes.

Step 6: Register and Payment

  • You will register online for classes the day after you attend mandatory orientation, providing you have submitted your completed and signed Summer Enrichment Enrollment Verification Form
  • You will have seven days OR the first day of the quarter whichever comes first to pay any college assessed tuition and fees or your classes will be dropped for nonpayment
  • Paying is easy, you can pay online at Pay tuition and fees or in person at the Cashier’s Office located in the B Building (The Student Services Building) B125 or over the telephone at 425/564-2309

Apply NOW!