August 2015 Sustainability Indicators

Date posted: November 30, 2015
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The monthly indicators are as follows:

Cigarette Recycling at Bellevue College

Date posted: October 30, 2015
cig recy image

With over 4.5 trillion of these littered each year, they can be found just about everywhere we look. What are they? Cigarette butts. When cigarette butts end up on our sidewalks and in our parks, waterways, oceans, and even landfills, they can cause serious damage to water and soil quality as well as wildlife. They leach …more about Cigarette Recycling at Bellevue College

Try a Sustainability Class This Fall!

Date posted: August 31, 2015

Bellevue College offers a number of courses with content emphasizing sustainability and encourages all faculty to integrate sustainability into their programs, courses and sections. For information on how we identify course with sustainability related or sustainability focused content review the definitions and outcomes of Sustainability in the Curriculum at Bellevue College.  For a complete list …more about Try a Sustainability Class This Fall!

I-405 Express Toll Lanes between Bellevue and Lynnwood

Date posted: August 20, 2015
The new Flex Pass transponder, for use on the new I-405 Express Toll Lanes this fall, lets drivers switch between the red HOV position, for toll-free travel with three or more persons at peak times; and the green TOLL position, for one- or two-person vehicles to pay to enter the new lanes

This Fall, many students commutes will be affected by changes in WSDOT new I-405 express toll lanes program. How do express toll lanes work? Electronic signs post the toll rate based on destination and automatically adjust depending on traffic congestion. You pay the rate you see upon entering the express toll lanes. As more vehicles …more about I-405 Express Toll Lanes between Bellevue and Lynnwood

New Honda Hybrid on Campus

Date posted: February 27, 2015

Last month Bellevue College purchased a brand new Honda Civic hybrid vehicle to provide more options for BC staff when running errands around campus. Bellevue College already has 4 hybrid Ford trucks, which are used by staff as utility vehicles in making trips around BC. The Honda hybrid boasts impressive gas mileage at 44 mpg …more about New Honda Hybrid on Campus

Another Drop in GHG Emissions

Date posted: January 23, 2015

Each year, Bellevue College reports on its carbon footprint as part of the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), ensuring that current and future efforts conserve resources and reduce consumption. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting programs help us better understand where campus greenhouse gas emissions are coming from in order to make more informed policy decisions. …more about Another Drop in GHG Emissions

Summer 2014 SESF Awards: Funding Sustainability for Student Growth

Date posted: August 28, 2014
Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF) Logo

The Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF) awarded funds to three exciting programs. The SESF is a committee of student, staff, and faculty representatives who allocate funds to projects that contribute to both sustainability goals and educational growth. Transportation Incentives: $33,125 Transportation incentives assist in enrolling students, staff, and faculty in Bellevue College’s rideshare program, BC RideMatch. …more about Summer 2014 SESF Awards: Funding Sustainability for Student Growth

Transportation Assistance Comes to Campus

Date posted: July 30, 2014

  Sustainability at Bellevue College is happy to welcome back Hopelink’s Mobility Management team to our campus to help achieve our transportation programs and awareness this year! Last week Hopelink and teams of BC student volunteers provided students and faculty with resources and travel plans to help get to and from campus. Hopelink is a nonprofit …more about Transportation Assistance Comes to Campus

Director’s Farewell

Date posted: April 25, 2014
Deric the Bag Monster

Greetings Bellevue College Community, As I prepare for my last day at Bellevue College, May 9th, I want to thank you for the opportunity to work with you in building a more sustainable college, campus, and community. Together, as students, faculty and staff, we have accomplished great deal in the last few years.  We reduced …more about Director’s Farewell

Is English Ivy Bad?

Date posted: April 8, 2014
English Ivy on a Tree

According to some, English Ivy is a problem and Bellevue College has it growing on campus. Do we really have a problem or not with English Ivy?