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Osha Morningstar

Sustainable Foods Coordinator

  • Email: osha.morningstar@bellevuecollege.edu

  • Bio:

    Osha is the Sustainable Foods Coordinator and hails from Eastern Washington. Her major is accounting and she has attended several schools including Eastern Washington University, Spokane Falls Community College, Washington State University and now Bellevue College. She has had a variety of leadership roles at her previous schools including being a member of student government at SFCC, serving on numerous university committees at EWU and being involved in WSU clubs.

    Osha has previous experience working on sustainability and health related programs. She was an AmeriCorps volunteer at the Lands Council, a nonprofit environmental organization in Spokane, where she contributed research on a water conservation grant received from the Department of Ecology. At EWU Osha worked for Health and Wellness Services as a Nicotine Replacement Therapy mentor and research assistant.