Sustainability Classes

Bellevue College offers a number of courses with content emphasizing sustainability and encourages all faculty to integrate sustainability into their programs, courses and sections.Sustainable Classes

For information on how we identify course with sustainability related or sustainability focused content review the definitions and outcomes of Sustainability in the Curriculum at Bellevue College.  For a complete list of courses with sustainability related and focused learning outcomes click here (pdf).  View the BC Course Catalog for registration item #.

Faculty, don’t see your course listed here?  Contact the Office of Sustainability.

Upcoming Quarter (Fall 2014):

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Current & Past Quarters:

Summer 2014  •  Spring 2014  •  Winter 2014


Fall 2014 Sustainability Courses (Focused)

Course Number
Course Name
Sustainability Focus
BIOL&100Survey of BiologyALLAll InstructorsFocused
BIOL150Marine BiologyALLAll InstructorsFocused
BIOL&213Biology Majors Plant or Cellular or AnimalALLAll InstructorsFocused
BOTAN110Introductory Plant BiologyALLAll InstructorsFocused
BOTAN120Introduction to MycologyALLAll InstructorsFocused
CHEM100Chemical ExplorationsALLAll InstructorsFocused
CHEM&110Chemical Concepts w/ LabALLAll InstructorsFocused
ECON100Introduction to Basic Economic PrinciplesALLAll InstructorsFocused
ECON&201MicroeconomicsALLAll InstructorsFocused
ECON&202MacroeconomicsALLAll InstructorsFocused
ENVS&100Survey of Environmental ScienceALLAll InstructorsFocused
ENVS105The Science of Sustainable LivingALLAll InstructorsFocused
ENVS207Field & Laboratory Environmental ScienceALLAll InstructorsFocused
ENVS281Current Issues in Environmental Science (fall)ALLAll InstructorsFocused
GEOG105Geography of World AffairsALLAll InstructorsFocused
INDES242Interior Materials & SourcesALLAll InstructorsFocused
INTER115Bite Me - Consumption & Sustainability in U.S. SocietyALLAll InstructorsFocused
METR211Global Warming: Causes and ConsequencesALLAll InstructorsFocused
OCEA&101Introduction to OceanographyALLAll InstructorsFocused
PHIL102Contemporary Moral ProblemsALLAll InstructorsFocused

Fall 2014 Sustainability Courses (Related)

Course Number
Course Name
Sustainability Focus
ANTH&100Survey of AnthropologyALLAll InstructorsRelated
ANTH106Great Discoveries in World ArchaeologyALLAll InstructorsRelated
ANTH180American Life & CultureALLAll InstructorsRelated
ANTH&204ArchaeologyALLAll InstructorsRelated
ANTH&206Cultural AnthropologyALLAll InstructorsRelated
BIOL135Introduction to Global HealthALLAll InstructorsRelated
GEOG&100Introduction to GeographyALLAll InstructorsRelated
GEOG102World Regional GeographyALLAll InstructorsRelated
GEOG123Introduction to GlobalizationALLAll InstructorsRelated
HLTH250WellnessALLAll InstructorsRelated
METR101Introduction to the WeatherALLAll InstructorsRelated

Fall 2014 Sustainability Courses (Instructor Led)

Course Number
Course Name
Sustainability Focus
102Practical Accounting IIOASNash-harunaFaculty Led
201Principles of Accounting IASegal AFaculty Led
201Principles of Accounting IBSegal AFaculty Led
201Principles of Accounting IDPaquette JFaculty Led
201Principles of Accounting IOASPaquette JFaculty Led
202Principles of Accounting IIAPaquette JFaculty Led
100Medical Law and EthicsOASMinks AFaculty Led
208Language, Culture & SocietyHYAHunt KFaculty Led
208Language, Culture & SocietyOASHunt KFaculty Led
208Language, Culture & SocietyOBSHunt KFaculty Led
215Bioanthropology w/Lab0ASTessandori AFaculty Led
215Bioanthropology w/LabHYATessandori AFaculty Led
236Forensic AnthropologyHYACurtis SFaculty Led
120Drawing IEThomas LFaculty Led
121American Sign Language IFPodmore RFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabAGold MFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabBGold MFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabCKang AFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabDKang AFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabGKang AFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabHBrawley JFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabHYISteinert KFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabJHaemmerle HFaculty Led
160General Biology w/ LabKHaemmerle HFaculty Led
241Human Anatomy & Physiology IGLembo AFaculty Led
241Human Anatomy & Physiology IHLembo AFaculty Led
242Human Anatomy & Physiology IIAElliott SFaculty Led
260MicrobiologyAMauldin DFaculty Led
260MicrobiologyCMauldin DFaculty Led
109Business CommunicationsOASCorcoran MFaculty Led
161Business Software EssentialsHYBBlume MFaculty Led
186Publication Design EssentialsHYAWalker LFaculty Led
186Publication Design EssentialsHYAWalker LFaculty Led
280Project Planning Tracking and ReportingOASHarris LFaculty Led
293Business Technology PracticumHYACorcoran MFaculty Led
120Organizational BehaviorALeffall CFaculty Led
152Introduction to Asian American StudiesAIrey SFaculty Led
121Introduction to ChemistryCGlover RFaculty Led
121Introduction to ChemistryDGlover RFaculty Led
121Introduction to ChemistryGSandhu PFaculty Led
121Introduction to ChemistryHSandhu PFaculty Led
121Introduction to ChemistryISandhu PFaculty Led
101Introduction to Criminal JusticeOASCurtis SFaculty Led
106American Corrections SystemOASFreyberg CFaculty Led
280Intercultural CommunicationHYCHurst SFaculty Led
280Intercultural CommunicationOASHurst SFaculty Led
280Intercultural CommunicationOBSHurst SFaculty Led
280Intercultural CommunicationODSHurst SFaculty Led
130Database TheoryAHarris LFaculty Led
072Developmental English (fall)ACowan DFaculty Led
092Developmental EnglishDEichner NFaculty Led
092Developmental EnglishXCButler BFaculty Led
093Composition for Non-Native SpeakersACowan DFaculty Led
101English CompositionCMeyer MFaculty Led
101English CompositionHLeighton GFaculty Led
101English CompositionHYGPeterson KFaculty Led
101English CompositionHYIButler BFaculty Led
101English CompositionHYNGilliam RFaculty Led
101English CompositionOFSSebastian PFaculty Led
101English CompositionOGSSebastian PFaculty Led
101English CompositionOHSTomberlin CFaculty Led
101English CompositionOKSSebastian PFaculty Led
101English CompositionTLeighton GFaculty Led
101English CompositionVGilliam RFaculty Led
101English CompositionXECross CFaculty Led
101English CompositionXFButler BFaculty Led
101English CompositionZRosenberg TFaculty Led
101English CompositionZCCross CFaculty Led
101English CompositionZFButler BFaculty Led
111Introduction to Literature IOASTorrence JFaculty Led
201The Research PaperHYDPeterson KFaculty Led
201The Research PaperOCSHarazim EFaculty Led
201The Research PaperOFSSeeman JFaculty Led
201The Research PaperOGSSeeman JFaculty Led
221Popular LiteratureATorrence JFaculty Led
235Technical WritingOCSPeterson KFaculty Led
237Writing Fiction IOASGilliam RFaculty Led
238Writing Fiction IIOASGilliam RFaculty Led
239Writing Fiction IIIOASGilliam RFaculty Led
271Expository Writing ICLeighton GFaculty Led
271Expository Writing IDHarazim EFaculty Led
272Expository Writing IICLeighton GFaculty Led
272Expository Writing IICLeighton GFaculty Led
101Introduction to Physical GeologyBKnudson AFaculty Led
101Introduction to Physical GeologyHYAKnudson AFaculty Led
106Intro to Natural Hazards and DisastersBRoselle DFaculty Led
106Intro to Natural Hazards and DisastersHYAJones GFaculty Led
106Intro to Natural Hazards and DisastersOBSJones GFaculty Led
106Intro to Natural Hazards and DisastersOCSRoselle DFaculty Led
106Intro to Natural Hazards and DisastersODSJones GFaculty Led
214Pacific Northwest HistoryACasserly BFaculty Led
292First Aid & CPR Taking ActionHYAYoshino MFaculty Led
292First Aid & CPR Taking ActionHYBYoshino MFaculty Led
069Introduction to BusinessBJackson FFaculty Led
069Introduction to BusinessCJackson FFaculty Led
265Design IllustrationASpain MFaculty Led
273Interior Design Studio IIIAPassmore JFaculty Led
480Professional Practices & PrinciplesHYABeert DFaculty Led
142Precalculus IIG1Kearney TFaculty Led
151Calculus ID2Kearney TFaculty Led
151Calculus IG1Chavez RFaculty Led
152Calculus III1Kearney TFaculty Led
234AdvertisingABlume MFaculty Led
101NutritionBTewari SFaculty Led
101Introduction to PhilosophyDTablan FFaculty Led
101Introduction to PhilosophyETablan FFaculty Led
101Introduction to PhilosophyHYAAleshire ZFaculty Led
122General Engineering Physics IIASepehri SFaculty Led
122General Engineering Physics IIBSepehri SFaculty Led
121The United NationsAJones TFaculty Led
117Web Development IIAFriedrich KFaculty Led
260Northwest Fitness ExplorationAButler RFaculty Led
101Introduction to SociologyATrelstad KFaculty Led
101Introduction to SociologyCTrelstad KFaculty Led
101Introduction to SociologyDTrelstad KFaculty Led
101Introduction to SociologyFDavis EFaculty Led
101Introduction to SociologyHDavis EFaculty Led
101Introduction to SociologyOBSCox SFaculty Led
101Introduction to SociologyOLSCox SFaculty Led
215Television, Culture & SocietyHYADavis EFaculty Led
123Spanish IIIOASFernandez MFaculty Led