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As you prepare for the quarter –you know, finding you classes, buying your books–we want you to think about one important aspect of school: how you get here! To help you find alternatives to driving alone, we introduced BCRideMatch!

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BC RideMatch is a fun and easy way to find fellow students, faculty and staff and others that live nearby that fit with your unique schedule so you can share your ride. Its also our reward program where you calendar your bus, bike, walk and carpool trips for great prizes.

It’s easy: log in with your BC email, create an account, and enter your commuting information and run a match. Presto! BCRideMatch will introduce you to others going your way. Follow the step by step instructions to register and create a trip here: BC RideMatch- create account walk through.

  • Save money by splitting the cost of gas.
  • Save time by zipping along in the HOV lanes instead of sitting in traffic.
  • Meet friends by riding with others instead of sitting alone.

Incentives for Summer Quarter 2014:

 NEW Ongoing Prizes:


TWO new users win $25 – EVERY MONTH

sign-up and winHere’s our thanks for joining BC RideMatch! This is your chance to win $25 – just for creating an account! TWO winners will be chosen at random each month!

If you don’t think you’re in the Bellevue College network (if you didn’t sign up with your BC email address) just update your email to the one that ends in @bellevuecollege.edu and you’ll be entered for this prize!

Track your Carpools for a chance to win $25 – EVERY MONTH

make tracksTrack your trips on the calendar for your chance to win one of 5 $25 prizes – every month!

Only carpool and vanpool trips count. And you need 8 of them in a single month to be eligible! Now’s the perfect chance to share the miles, even if it’s just twice a week. You’ll be saving gas and making money!




car poolAnd this Summer Only:


Stay cool this summer in a carpool or vanpool! Update your trip or create a new trip for your summer schedule… AND run a trip-match search!

First 25 receive $25

Also, be sure to click “Submit Request” at this incentive on your Rewards page!


Questions about BC RideMatch or how you can be eligible for prizes? Email transportation@bellevuecollege.edu, call (425) 564-2134, or stop by the Transportation Desk in C106!


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