Tenure Recipients 2013

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Grace Robbings


Grace has a bachelor’s degree in economics and math and a master’s degree in economics, both from Boston University.


Grace is an instructor in the Economics department, part of the Social Science division. She is co-chair of the Professional Development Committee, and will be chair of Faculty Commons Council next year.


Grace’s contributions to the Economics department include: organizing a weeklong work session on the economics curriculum; spearheading the reorganization of the Economics 100 course curriculum to incorporate a more issues-focused approach; developing and teaching a new course on the economics of sustainability; and organizing teaching pedagogy roundtables for the department’s instructors.


Grace is deeply admired on campus for her innovative teaching, professionalism, and dedication to the campus community. Those who observe her in the classroom are impressed by her innovation and connection to students. She is confident and knowledgeable in her field, yet is able to make topics relevant and tangible to her students by employing a wide variety of interactive teaching strategies. One colleague remarked that Grace has become central to the Economics department in just a few short years.

Working at BC

After teaching stints at the University of Washington and Seattle Central Community College, Grace began working as an adjunct faculty member in 2008 and joined the faculty full-time the next year. “I enjoy working with my colleagues here, with everyone working toward the common goal of helping the students. And the students are amazing!” she says. During the tenure process, Grace says her teaching skills, connection to the campus and sense of community grew immeasurably. Moving forward, she plans to revise outcomes for certain economics courses, and she’s working with her colleagues in the department to examine success rates among students in certain classes to identify gaps and ways to help more students succeed.

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