Tenure Recipients 2013

Portrait of Rosemary Hall

Rosemary Hall


Rosemary earned an associate degree from Edmonds Community College, a bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington Bothell.


Rosemary is the program chair and an instructor in the Paraprofessional Accounting program. She is one of two full-time faculty in the program, and oversees five adjunct faculty.


Rosemary has a laundry-list of achievements under her belt, including: piloting the use of the BC’s on-campus testing center for accounting certification exams; launching a new course that teaches accounting concepts for non-accounting students; adding two national-level certifications to the program; and developing an associate in accounting transfer degree. Additionally, 127 of her students became QuickBooks certified, and 14 become certified bookkeepers.


Colleagues give Rosemary overwhelmingly positive marks, citing her dedication and commitment to growing the Paraprofessional Accounting program. She is known as a devoted instructor, who often provides additional assistance to students to help them succeed, and one who creates a learning environment where students are treated with respect and courtesy.

Working at BC

After a 25-year career in accounting, business management and financial management, and having been a three-time entrepreneur, Rosemary decided to pursue teaching. “I had pretty good experiences in my career that I felt were worthwhile to share with others to help them launch businesses, or start careers in accounting. After several different careers, I felt that now I could give back,” she says. She started teaching full-time at the University of Washington, but was attracted to BC because of the opportunity to work in a professional-technical program with more mature, professional students. “I love the community college environment. It attracts a broader range of students, and BC serves the community in ways that universities don’t. I was a community college student, so I connect with this environment,” she says. With tenure under her belt, Rosemary plans to continue her work transforming the program, from one that provides entry-level training to one that’s more rigorous, preparing students for professional careers in the accounting industry. Her hard work is paying off, with a 20 percent increase in enrollments. “I think that validates the changes we’ve been making, and represents the value of the program to students,” Rosemary added.

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