We understand that many of our students come to us with a wide range of academic credentials, backgrounds and work experience. Through our credit evaluation processes, we determine if courses you took at other colleges or universities, experience you gained on the job, specialized training you received, or your military service, qualifies you to receive credit towards completion of your degree or certificate here at Bellevue College.

It is important to ask for a credit evaluation as soon as possible. Doing so may save you time and money by avoiding enrollment for classes you do not need to take.

Transfer Credit Review Process

Use this link if you earned credits from a regionally accredited college or university.

Awarding Non-Traditional Credit

Use this link if you received training or completed course work while in the military, believe you have work experience that qualifies you for credit in a particular subject area, wish to pursue the option of challenging a course, have taken specialized industry exams, or took classes at a college or university that is not regionally accredited.

Verify Course Prerequisites

Find guidelines for meeting prerequisites with courses taken at another college.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Search for courses you have taken at other colleges or universities to see how they are transferred to Bellevue College.

 Transfer Credit Policy (Frequently Asked Questions)

Get answers to some common student questions regarding transfer credits from other colleges or universities.