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  • College textbooks contain 16 percent academic vocabulary such as: aggregate, conducive, institutional, append, negate, scheme, concurrent, convey, notion, intrinsically, and many more.
  • If a student doesn’t understand at least 98 percent of the words in a textbook, she or he will struggle with comprehension when reading independently.
  • Extra time it takes to look up words in a dictionary impacts your academic performance.

TRiO has found a way to assist in reducing these challenges! By using tools and resources such as electronic reading pens (which reads vocabulary terms and provides a quick definition in a matter of seconds) and electronic translators (which translates vocabulary to your native language), trained tutors are able to break down key concepts.

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TRiO Language Assistance Program

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For more information, contact Ron Holland phone: 425-564-4162, email: ron.holland@bellevuecollege.edu