Cashier’s Office

Pay tuition and fees or purchase a bus pass and more at the Cashier’s Office!

Cashier's Office Hours

We are located on the first floor of the Student Services Building, Building B.
Walk-in hours
Phone hours
Monday8 am - 5 pm8 am - 5 pm
Tuesday8 am - 6 pm8 am - 6 pm
Wednesday8 am - 6 pm8 am - 6 pm
Thursday8 am - 5 pm8 am - 5 pm
Friday8 am - 4 pm8 am - 4 pm

Hours during first week of quarter (updated for Summer quarter 2014)

Walk-in hours
Phone hours
Monday, June 308 am - 5 pm8 am - 5 pm
Tuesday, July 17:30 am - 6 pm8 am - 6 pm
Wednesday, July 27:30 am - 6 pm8 am - 6 pm
Thursday, July 37:30 am - 6 pm8 am - 5 pm
NOTE: During the Summer Quarter, offices close Friday at noon.

Pay Tuition and Fees Online

You can pay for your tuition and fees online. Visit the credit card payment page

Tuition Payment Plan

Sign-up for the automatic tuition payment plan.

Account Blocks

If you have a block on your account due to a fine or other outstanding balance you may not be able to pay online. If you require assistance, please call the Cashier’s Office at (425)564-2309. For library fines, please call the Library Media Center at (425) 564-2252.

Third Party Funding

Third party payment options include vouchers, letters of credit or purchase orders from companies or agencies paying tuition on your behalf.

When registering online for credit classes with a voucher, complete your registration without making a payment by choosing the “Next” option until registration is complete. Contact Debra Rose (P: (425) 564-4282, F: (425) 564-4300 or email: to complete your payment. You must provide proof of payment within 7 days of registration to avoid being dropped from classes.

For Continuing Education classes, select PO as the payment type during registration, then fax your voucher to (425) 564-3113. For additional information contact CE Customer Service/Registration at (425) 564-2263.

Tuition and Fees Refund Schedule

If you withdraw from the college or drop classes, you may be eligible for a refund. The college begins to process refunds after the third day of classes. A processing fee is deducted from the refund amount. Refunds are calculated as follows:

Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters:

  • 100% Refund: 1st – 5th instructional day of the quarter
  • 50% Refund: 6th – 20th calendar day of the quarter
  • Non Refundable: After the 20th calendar day

Summer Quarter:

  • 100% Refund: 1st – 3th instructional day of the quarter
  • 50% Refund: 4th – 11th calendar day of the quarter
  • Non Refundable: After the 11th calendar day

No checks will be processed for refunds that are less than $25. Any refund balances below $25 may be applied to future quarters of attendance unless the original payment was made by a third party with other instructions. Balances under $25 remaining after eight quarters will be forfeited. The payment method for refunds is made according to the payment method used for the original payment. If the initial payment was charged to a credit card, the refund is processed back to that credit card. Cash and check payments are refunded by check.  Self-support programs, like Continuing Education may develop different refund policies for programmatic reasons.

Drop for Non-Payment

Non-payment of tuition and course-related fees (including returned checks and/or credit cards) may result in the student being withdrawn from some or all classes (BC Policy #7250). A withdrawal fee will be charged if you have ever been dropped for non-payment in the past.

Returned Checks / Credit Cards

Returned checks and/or credit cards are assessed a fee. Admission to or registration for classes, conferring of degrees, and issuance of academic transcripts may be withheld for failure to meet financial obligations to the college and may result in the account being sent to a collection service. All collection fees are the responsibility of the check/credit card writer and/or the student. If a student writes three checks (including third-party checks) which are returned, his/her check-writing privileges will be denied (BC Policy #7150).

ORCA Bus Passes

Quarterly ORCA bus passes are available for purchase in the Cashier’s Office.
For additional information: