All applicants must have a high school degree or GED Certificate.

Minimum Prerequisite Courses

Before applying to our program, you should make sure you have completed the following prerequisite courses. You may meet these prerequisite requirements using classes taken at Bellevue College, by Equivalency or by permission of the Program Chair.

If you have taken courses at other colleges (either in Washington State or elsewhere) complete our Prerequisite Course Equivalency Worksheet and submit it before applying to the program.

Prerequisite Courses must be completed by the end of winter quarter for Fall Quarter 2015 applicants  and for Fall 2016 applicants perquisites need to be completed by the end of Fall Qtr. 2015. The student will apply to the program with an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher.

Biology – Total Credits: 12

– AND –

(completed within the last 5 years)

Cultural Diversity – Total Credits: 5

– OR –

Any one course from the Cultural Diversity List.

English – Total Credits: 5

(previously ENGL 270 Professional Report Writing)

– OR –

AHE 110 Medical Terminology • 5 Cr. 

AHE 110 Medical Terminology • 5 Cr.

(previously HPRO 120 Medical Terminology)

Math – Total Credits: 5

(completed within the last 5 years)

Physics – Total Credits: 5

(completed within the last 5 years)

– OR –

Any higher level Physics class (completed within the last 5 years)