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vLab tutors are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable students and former students who have taken the Microsoft and Adobe classes you're taking now. They're ready to help you through the trouble spots in your learning.

Meet Your vLab Tutors


loves helping students with Microsoft Excel and Access. She is an accounting student at BC originally from Beijing China. She speaks Chinese Mandarin along with English.  
Angela got her bachelors degree in China; her major was insurance. Three years ago, her husband got an offer from Microsoft, so they moved from China to US and right now she lives in Redmond.


tutors most of the BTS class offerings. He's available to help students needing assistance Microsoft Office 2007 Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Project. Chase also assists with Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator apps in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Chase is a recent graduate of Bellevue College, earning his Associates of Arts degree in Office Management. He was a 100% online student during his time at BC. Chase works in the vLab because it helps students learn and reduce anxiety, increases student success, reinforces his skills and, most importantly as a former online student, of his passion to create community and connections between online learners, the instructors and the College using technology.


tutors the Adobe classes: InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator. She earned a Bellevue College Certificate in Desktop Publishing last spring. Currently Connie works as a freelance graphic designer, as a fine artist, and as a mother, mentor and chauffeur to a budding teenage daughter. She enjoys tutoring because it reinforces what she learned.


tutors students in Microsoft Office 2007: Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Word. She recently earned her Associates of Arts degree in Office Management from Bellevue College and has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Arizona State University.  She worked as an Excel teaching assistant and spent two quarters of independent study developing instructional videos and step by step instructions for the vLab website.  Janene enjoys helping students who are new to computers.  She is continuing her education in order to pursue a career in healthcare that utilizes her technical skills and follows her passion which is helping people.


tutors Excel, Word, and Access. She just earned a Paraprofessional Accounting Degree at BC.  Janet grew up in Columbia and speaks Spanish and English. She is the single mom of two boys and a girl. She is fascinated with Elluminate Live! and how this new way to communicate brings help to students at their convenience in a matter of seconds in their own home. 


can help with Excel and basic Word, PowerPoint and MS Project.  He can also help with general file management and navigation of the Microsoft operating system and Blackboard Vista.

Joel came to Bellevue College in the Worker Retraining Program to achieve his Microsoft Network Support Certificate and his MCSE.  He currently is A+ certified and is the process of testing for the MCSE.


tutors Microsoft Excel, Access, Project, and Adobe InDesign, and Dreamweaver He can help with Vista Blackboard and is great at file management. John retired in 2007 as a truck driver/crane operator and from the Naval Reserve after 24 years as a salvage diver/diving supervisor/Diving Officer. John touched a computer mouse for the first time in October of that year, began using a computer in January, 2008 and started classes at Bellevue College. He sent his first email March 30, 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. John now crunches data, builds websites and spreadsheets, and more. He has earned 45 credits so far and looks forward to a second career.

John grows tomatoes loves seafood, particularly oysters and Pacific rock scallops. He makes an awesome high fat, high calorie oyster stew. He still dives but nearly all of his diving is commercial work. He enjoys teaching and watching people learn. He likes to see a student “get it”. And appreciates the chance to give back some of what has been given to him.


tutors primarily in the Adobe apps: InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator but can also help with Word, and beginning Excel, Access and Power Point. With her background in arts management and public art, Liz chose Business Technology classes at Bellevue College to update and expand her computer skills. She recently completed a Desktop Publishing Certificate for Print and Web at BC. Liz enjoys helping students in the  vLab. She appreciates the opportunity to cement her Adobe skills and learn the new technology of on-line training. Currently she is exploring on-demand publishing. A book she designed using InDesign and Photoshop and the skills she gained in BTS classes will soon be for sale on Amazon.com.


tutors in Excel and Access. He is currently working on his AA for Technical Support and someday hopes to work for an extraordinary company. Matthew likes working at the Vlab because it is fun! He enjoys helping students find their way when are stuck in a homework problem.
In his spare time, Matthew goes metal detecting for silver jewelry, old coins and other interesting treasure. Matthew enjoys outdoor water activities and going to parks. He is a fan of Rock and Roll, Xbox 360, and Xbox live. Some favorite games include Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and Dragonball Z Burst Limit.


tutors in Word, PowerpPoint, advanced Excel and beginning Access. A recent graduate of the University of Washington business school, Scott found that he needed increase his computer skills in today's economy. He is working on a Database Administrator Certificate. He enjoys helping new students learn Excel and Access.


tutors in Outlook, Word 2007, Microsoft Office Fundamentals and Intermediate Excel and Access. She is working toward a certificate in Advanced Business Software after 28 years of working for a major retailer in the support division. She chose Bellevue College to update her skills because it has a reputation for great computer classes and for supporting students. Sharon loves helping fellow students expand their skills and knowledge. She first came to the vLab  for homework help and is glad to join its' ranks as a tutor. 


tutors Access and Intermediate Excel.