Degree & Certificate Completion Worksheets

Non-Transfer Associate Degrees (2005-2006)

The college offers a non-transfer associate degrees to grant academic recognition for students completing 90 credits of college level courses. This degree is not designed for students who intend to pursuit a bachelor degree at a university.

Associate in Arts in General Studies (AAGS)

This is a degree that grants academic recognition for the completion of 90 applicable college level credits. It is NOT for students intending to transfer to a university/college in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree nor does it fulfill the first two years of general education requirements for a bachelor degree.


Students may elect to graduate under the provisions of the official catalog in effect at the time they first started at Bellevue College or at the time they apply for graduation, provided five years has not lapsed and they have remained continuously enrolled at the college. Program completion worksheets for past years are listed under the Archive menu.

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