Application Process

It will be up to you to apply for Work-Study jobs. However, the Bellevue College Center for Career Connections can help you do that. If you want an appointment with a Work-Study specialist, you can call 425.564.2279 or e-mail

Below is a quick overview of the process of applying for Work-Study jobs:

  • Step 1: Student completes FAFSA and Bellevue College Financial Aid Application.
  • Step 2: Student is sent award letter and Work-Study Application.
  • Step 3: Student completes Work-Study Application and submits to or to Center for Career Connections.
  • Step 4: Student informed of eligibility by email and invited to Work-Study Orientation. *If student is ineligible, student can contact Financial Aid for details
  • Step 5: Student attends Work-Study Orientation, creates an account on CONNECT, and uploads resume. * If student needs help with resume, they should consult our Resume Essentials guide and call 425.564.2279 for an appointment.
  • Step 6: Student applies for Work-Study positions. * Students can apply to no more than 6 on-campus Work-Study positions per quarter * There is no limit on the number of off-campus positions for which they can apply.
  • Step 7: Once hired, Work-Study is added to student’s Financial Aid, student starts work and collects paychecks.