Do I need an entry code to register for a World Language class if I think the 121 level is too easy?
No. None of our world language classes have an enforced prerequisite. You may register for the level you feel is suitable. 
Will I be able to register for a Spanish class if my native language is Spanish?
The World Language courses are not intended for native speakers. 
I’ve always struggled learning a foreign language, is there some help available to me?
Yes. Bellevue College offers tutoring in the academic success center in D204. You are able to see a tutor for free for a total of 2 hours a week.· Students who have a C grade on their first test will be required to make an appointment with the tutor. Bring your quizzes, and any other assignments along with you. Click on the link for more information about tutoring: http://www.bellevuecollege.edu/asc/.