King County Proclamation

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Metropolitan King County Council


WHEREAS, Bellevue College began as a small community college with fewer than 500 students in 1966; and

WHEREAS, Bellevue College currently has two campuses with a combined annual enrollment of over 30,000 students, making it the third-largest institution of higher education in Washington State; and

WHEREAS, since its founding, more than 450,000 students have taken classes and earned more than 55,000 degrees, certificates, and awards, such as high school diplomas and pre-employment certifications; and

WHEREAS, students take advantage of the nearly 100 professional and technical programs that prepare them for employment; and

WHEREAS, the majority of the students enroll in programs that enable them to start their formal educational path at Bellevue College and transfer to a four-year university to complete their degree; and

WHEREAS, Bellevue College began offering four-year degrees in 2007 and now offers 12 bachelor’s degree programs;

WHEREAS, Bellevue College supports students with developmental disabilities through programs such as the Disability Resource Center and Autism Spectrum Navigators program; and

WHEREAS, the College is committed to maintaining an environment in which every member of the campus community feels welcome to participate in the life of the college, free from harassment and discrimination;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Metropolitan King County Council, recognize


on its 50th anniversary for providing King County residents with high-quality, accessible education that promotes lifelong educational development while strengthening the economic, social, and cultural life of the region.

DATED this tenth day of October, 2016

Joe McDermott, Council Chair, District Eight
Rod Dembrowski, Council Vice Chair, District One
Kathy Lambert, District Three
Dave Upthegrove, District Five
Pete von Reichbauer, District Seven
Larry Gossett, District Two
Jeanne Kohl-Welles, District Four
Claudia Balducci, District Six
Reagan Dunn, Council Vice Chair, District Nine

Last Updated October 19, 2016