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Spring 2005

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PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
1750 A Wulff J
1752 C Payne R
1753 D Hillstrom K
1754/1755 OAS/OAC George E

PHIL 102 Contemporary Moral Problems
1759 A Wulff J

PHIL 112 Intro to Social Philosophy
1763 A Storey M

PHIL 115 Critical Reasoning
1767 A Storey M
1769 C Jeffery A
1770 D Jeffery A
1771/1772 OAS/OAC Storey M

PHIL 120 Introduction to Logic
1776 A Duncan S
1777 B Jeffery A
1778 C Hillstrom K
1779/1780 OAS/OAC George E
1781/1782 OBS/OBC Henrich A

PHIL 160 Introduction to Philosophy of Science: Why Do We Believe in Quarks, Evolution, and Other Crazy Things?
1790 A Payne R

PHIL 248 Ethics in Criminal Justice
1792 A Caldero M

PHIL 260 Business Ethics
1794 A Payne R

PHIL 267 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
1798 A Duncan S

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