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ART 108 IntroductionTO Hand & Power Tools
0718 A Lillie G

ART 110 Two-Dimensional Design
0720 A Thomas L

ART 112 Three-Dimensional Design
0724 A Brown R

ART 120 Drawing I
9726 A DeCaro P
0727 B Sandblom V

ART 150 Basic Photo I
0729 A Banks G

ART 153 Darkroom Lab Tech
0731 A White C

ART 201 History of Western Art
0735 Tanzi R

ART 202 History of Western Art
0737 OAS Casprowiak K

ART 206 History of Photography
0739 OAS Casprowiak K

ART 260 Basis Ceramics I
0747 A Husby L

ART 261 Basic Ceramics II
0748 A Husby L

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