Speech 225 - Small Group Communication

Instructor: Brenda Larson
email: blarson@bcc.ctc.edu
Phone: 425-564-3050
Office: R230
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Syllabus (Item # 1883)

Syllabus (Item # 1884)


Case Study Symposium Schedule (1883)

Case Study Symposium Schedule (1884)

Arts and Humanities Expectations

Project #2 Calendar of Events and Deadlines - Revised 06/04/04


How to Take a Cooperative Essay Exam

Review Questions for Midterm Exam

Projects and Papers:

Project #1: Case Study Project Packet

Extra Credit Speech Analysis Form

Case Study Group Essay Assignment - Revised 4/29/04

Project #2: Democracy & Equality Project Packet

Project #2 Requirements Supplement

Standard Agenda & PERT Form

Project #2: Team Essay Evaluation Instructions

Project #2: Team Member Evaluation (Required) (Due on June 8th or by June 11th if you are speaking on the 8th)

Exercises and Assignments:

Journal #1

Journal #2

Journal #3

Journal #4

Misc. Information:

Academic Resources for Students

Links to Resources on the Web

How to Evaluate Internet Sources for Credibility

How to Use ProQuest Newspaper and Periodical Database to Research Your Topics

How to Use EBSCOhost Newspaper and Periocical Database to Research Your Topics

General Guidelines for Citing References

APA Citation Guidelines

MLA Citation Guidelines

MLA Citation Guidelines for Electronic or Internet Resources