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 American Studies:

AMST 101 Intro to American Myth
0645 A Magie E

AMST 103 American Art & Architecture
0651 A Wills M

AMST 115 American Film as Literature
0654 A Magie E

AMST 150 Mass Media in America (with CMST& 102)
0657A Thornton D

0658 B Thornton D
0659 OAS Larkin L
0660 OBS Thornton

AMST 180 Anthropology of American Life
0665 A Shiva M

AMST 200 Culture Pluralism: Japanese American Evac
0671 A Yabui A

AMST 286 Pop Culture: Punk Rock & American Underground
0680 A Torrence J

AMST 286 Pop Culture: Mystery & Detective Fiction
0681 OAS Kotker J

AMST 287 American Heroes: Myths of the West
0683 OAS Magie E