Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Rules Process

132H-121Weapons and Fireworks (Policy 6420)CR-101CR-102
CR-103PNadescha Bunje
132H-116Parking and Traffic (Policy 6200)CR-101CR-102Anthony Manahan
132H-140College Facilities (Policy 6100)CR-101CR-102CR-103PNadescha Bunje
132H-142Use of Community College District VIII Facilities by College Groups and Non-College Groups for First Amendment Activities (Policy 6120)CR-101Nadescha Bunje
132-122Withholding Services for Outstanding Debt (Policy 7200)CR-101
132H-126Student Conduct CodeCR-101Megan Kaptik

Agency Rules Coordinator

Alicia Keating Polson, Executive Director of the President’s Office


(425) 564-2302

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Last Updated April 13, 2022