The ABE program offers day and evening courses in English, math and GED® prep.  The English and math courses begin at elementary levels and provide rigorous academic instruction for GED® preparation, college preparation, and employment.  Completion of a three day ABE Orientation is required to determine appropriate placement into the program.  Substantial and sustained progress is required for continued enrollment.

There is a $25 tuition fee per quarter which covers all courses taken in the ABE program.  There is a tuition fee waiver available for those who qualify.

We currently offer the following courses:

ABE math classes

ABE math classes help students learn math operations and use math in real situations. In the five different levels, they develop skills to:

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers.
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals, fractions and percents.
  • Solve basic and intermediate algebra and geometry problems.
  • Read and analyze data, charts and graphs

ABE English

Image of young woman holding diplomaABE English classes help students improve their reading and writing skills. In the four different levels, they develop skills to:

  • Read articles, papers, short novels, maps, graphs, charts, and other types of writing.
  • Write evidence-based, persuasive short and extended responses and essays
  • Improve grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.


GED® Test Preparation classes

GED® Test Preparation classes at Bellevue College are designed for students with well-developed reading skills to:

  • Review and prepare for the four GED® tests.
  • Identify readiness to take the GED® tests based on in-class practice tests.
  • Develop test taking strategies and study skills.

Last Updated March 29, 2019