Organization Chart [Text Version]

BC's organizational chart in text-only format.

BC's campus.

Board of Trustees

  • Rich Fukutaki, Chair
  • Richard Leigh, Vice Chair
  • Merisa Heu-Weller
  • Greg Dietzel, Trustee
  • Pradnya Desh, Trustee
  • Yana Chubarov, Student Trustee

President’s Office

  • David May, President
  • Alicia Keating Polson, Executive Director
  • Lori Keller, Associate Director, Policies & Special Projects
  • Amanda Morris, Executive Assistant

Administrative Services

  • Rodger Harrison, Acting Vice President
  • Nadescha Bunje, Executive Assistant
  • Andrew Kapoi, Contracts & Procurement Manager
  • Tyrell Bergstrom, Finance and Auxiliary Services, Executive Director
  • Clarissa Easton, Physical Plant Operations, Executive Director
  • Ross Villegas, Public Safety, Director
  • Megan Balka, Public Records Manager

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Consuelo Grier, Vice President
  • Jewell Evans, Executive Assistant
  • Beabe Akpojovwo, Social Justice and Diversity, Director
  • Michelle Strange, Restorative Practices Director
  • Rachel Wellman, Compliance and Title IX, Officer
  • Abner Pagunuran, Equity Training & Development Director

Human Resources

  • Frances Dujon-Reynolds, Vice President
  • Susanne Adamson, Executive Assistant
  • Alicia Tarigan, Pay and Position Management, Manager
  • Olivia Sons, Labor Relations, Director
  • Warda Zaman, Talent Development Manager
  • Nguyen Chau, Talent Aquisition Manager

Information Technology Services

  • Rodger Harrison, Vice President
  • Alex Monaghan, Executive Assistant
  • Maria Rivas, ctcLink Project Manager
  • David Bruckner, Interim Director, Digital Media Services
  • Dennis Dietchman, IT Services Infrastructure, Director
  • Jarka Buchova, IT Business Operations, Director
  • Vacant, Manager, IT Security Compliance
  • Chris Carlton-Bishop, Director, Technology Support Services

Institutional Advancement

  • Rebecca Chawgo, Vice President
  • Laura Gettleman, Assistant to the VP
  • Melissa Johnson, Executive Director, Bellevue College Foundation
  • Paul Feavel, Director, Foundation Finances and Planned Giving
  • Anna Sherwood, Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Dana Buckingham, General Manager, 91.3 KBCS Radio
  • Russel Whitaker, Web Editor-in-Chief
  • Brandon Lueken, Grant Development, Director

Academic Affairs

  • Rob Viens, Associate Vice President
  • Megan Kimball, Executive Assistant
  • Anne-Mary Nash-Haruna, Dean, Arts and Humanities
  • Amy Kinsel, Dean, Connected Learning
  • Ariane S. Hayes, Dean, Health Sciences, Education, and Wellness
  • Rebecca Cory, Dean, Curriculum & Assessment
  • Liz Hollerman, Dean, School of Business & Technology
  • Michael Reese, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs Office
  • Eric Davis, Dean, Science Division
  • Chris Bell, Dean, Social Sciences Division

Student Affairs

  • Judith Hernandez Chapar, Interim Associate Vice President
  • Vacant, Assistant to the AVP
  • Jean D’Arc Campbell
  • Steve Downing, Dean, Enrollment Management
  • Mike Kaptik, Dean, Student Life and Leadership
  • Megan Kaptik, Acting Dean, Student Support
  • Megan Kaptik, Manager, Student Conduct

Effectiveness, Research & Analytics

  • Zach Morgan, Executive Director
  • Jennifer Arcuri, Project Coordinator
  • Greg Schmidt, Manager, Data Services
  • Vacant, Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Cora Nixon, Data Consultant
  • Shayna Begun, Student Success Data Specialist
  • Arseniy Minasov, Survey & Evaluation Manager