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Employee Population: Faculty (full- and part-time) = 1,098; Staff = 5221    Size of Main Campus: 100 acres

Note: Employee and student population data are reported in terms of unduplicated headcounts. Percentages may not total to 100% due to rounding.

Student Population

Student enrollment
  Degree-seeking students All Students
Quarterly2 6,000 19,000
Annually 9,100 33,364
  Degree-seeking students All Students
Females 51.8% 56.9%
Males 48.2% 43.1%
  Degree-seeking students All Students
Median 22.1 24.8
Average 25.5 30.4

Did you know...

  • The majority of BC's student population lived within the college's service area: the City of Bellevue and other cities and towns in east King County.
  • Annually BC enrolls over 1,700 International students representing more than 70 countries and over 1,700 Running Start students from nearly 30 school districts.
  • 75% of all enrollments are in courses leading to a degree or certificate
  • 25% of all enrollments are in continuing education, basic skills, and English as a Second Language courses.

New degree-seeking students (n~7,300)5

  • Median Age: 22.1
Enrollment status6
Full-time Part-time
55.6% 44.4%
Area of study
Academic transfer Professional-technical, including Baccalaureate
54.7% 45.3%
  • Employed while enrolled: 51.8% (% part-time students is noticeably higher than that of full-time students)
  • Students with dependents: 17.8% (evenly distributed between full- and part-time students)
  • Grants and scholarships recipients: 29.4% (includes only students eligible to receive aid)
  • Students with Disabilities: Over 1,000 served
Asian and Pacific Islander 21.9%
African American 6.5%
Hispanic 12.5%
Native American 0.7%
Multi-Racial 3.4%
White 52.7%
Other 2.4%

Student Outcomes

Total academic year 2012-13 Awards Conferred : 2840
Baccalaureate degree 41
Associate Degree, AAS-T 103
Associate Degree, Prof-tech 318
Associate Degree, Transfer 1603
Certificate, one year 168
Certificate, less than one-year 551
HS Completion 56
  • BC offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and applied baccalaureate degrees in Interior Design, Radiation and Imaging Sciences, Healthcare Technology and Management, Information Systems and Technology, and Data Analytics.
Professional-technical program graduate success8
Bellevue College All WA Community Colleges
Job Placement Rate (within 9 months of graduation) 77% 78%

College Transfer

In academic year 2012-13, Bellevue College had the largest number of transfer students to Washington baccalaureate institutions with over 1500 BC students attending public and nearly 250 attending independent colleges or universities.


  1. Includes classified and exempt staff only.
  2. Average of fall, winter, and spring quarters only.
  3. Data are only for students who identified within this characteristic.
  4. Data are only for students who identified within this characteristic.
  5. Within this context, New Degree-seeking students are defined as those who have indicated an intent to pursue a transfer or professional-technical program of study and plan to attend BC one or two years or long enough to complete a degree and have no previously earned postsecondary degree or certificate.
  6. Full-time is defined as enrolled in 12 or more credits; part-time is less than 12 credits.
  7. Data are only for students who identified within this characteristic. Students who identified as Hispanic are not counted in any other race category.
  8. Most recent data are for the exiting class of 2011-12.


This document is managed by the Office of Effectiveness and Strategic Planning and was last updated September 2014.

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