Academic Dismissal

Level 4 – Academic Dismissal

  • The college places students on academic dismissal at the end of the fourth quarter in which their cumulative and quarterly GPA falls below 2.0.
    • Students on academic dismissal may appeal their dismissal by submitting an Academic Dismissal appeal.
    • Students returning to the college after their dismissal must also complete an appeal and will be placed on academic restriction (registration limited to no more than 8 credits) upon their return.

Academic Renewal

Students returning to Bellevue College after a break in taking credit classes or those who have completed all of the coursework and requirements for a degree or certificate may petition for academic renewal. Academic renewal replaces all original grades students earned in select quarters with a grade of “X,” which is not included in the calculation of their Bellevue College grade point average (GPA). The college allows this as a one-time irreversible option for students who meet the following criteria:

  • The student took a minimum one-year (four consecutive quarters) break in taking classes and earns at least a “B-“ quarterly and cumulative GPA in three (3) consecutive quarters starting immediately upon the student’s return to the college; or
  • The student has completed all coursework and requirements necessary for degree or certificate completions, and has applied for graduation.
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Last Updated September 1, 2021