Dismissal Appeal Procedures

Academic Dismissal Appeal Procedures

  • Students on academic dismissal may request reinstatement by completing an appeal, which can be found by vising Appeal Processes webpage. Students submitting an appeal are required to do the following:
    • Meet with an Academic Advisor and complete an educational plan. Before meeting with an Academic Advisor review your academic record and receive any Math or English placements for your program.
    • Unsure of your program of study? Contact the Center for Career Connections for help.
    • Submit the appeal by the first day of the quarter in which they are seeking reinstatement.
    • Document extenuating circumstances that impacted their academic performance.
  • Students who have their appeal approved will continue on academic credit restriction and will be notified regarding conditions for reinstatement.
  • Students who do not earn a quarterly GPA of 2.0 during the next quarter after readmission are dismissed for another four quarters.
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Last Updated September 1, 2021