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Perkins, Haily



Haily Perkins is an adjunct faculty member in the Criminal Justice Department. She earned her BA from the University of Washington in 2014 – majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Law and Policy. From undergrad she went directly into her Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (MACJ) at Seattle University which she successfully completed in June of 2016. Haily has experience working with and in civil and criminal courts—mainly on the defense side—in both the state and federal court systems. Before returning to school to complete her Ph.D. in Law, she worked as a misdemeanant probation officer for a district court in Washington. In these positions, she was able to see first-hand the importance of evidence-based programs & policies – at every level of the criminal justice system. Haily is currently working on the final steps to complete her doctoral dissertation and ultimately her Ph.D. in Law at the University of Washington—focusing on criminal justice policies that do not align with the scholarly research available. Haily has been with Bellevue College since the Fall Quarter of 2017 and has taught: Intro to Criminal Justice, Intro to Criminology, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law.