Bake Sale Policy

Programs and clubs can hold up to three Bake Sales per quarter. A total of two Bake Sales can be held on campus each week.

Your request for a Bake Sale must be approved by the Assistant Dean of Student Programs. To hold an approved Bake Sale, follow these steps:

Track the sale of all baked goods using a Bake Sale Log. The log must contain: 1. item name 2. price and 3. seller’s initials.

Keep Good Records. If a change in the pricing of the baked goods occurs (i.e. 50% off to sell off the remaining baked good items), then document the items sold at 50%.

Use tablecloths on all Bake Sale tables.  You may pick up the tablecloths from the Student Programs Front Desk.

If you will need change – called a “Change Fund” to start your Bake Sale, fill out the Change Fund Form (hyperlink) 5 days before your event. Your advisor and the Assistant Dean of Student Programs will sign the authorization form and forward it to the Student Financial Services office in B126. The change fund is considered a “loan.” At the end of the sale the change fund must be deducted from the total bake sales and returned to the Student Financial Services office.

After the Bake Sale bring the sales log, money from all sales, and the change fund (if applicable) to Student Programs for verification. We will reconcile the sales. Once the sale is reconciled, the student financial representative of the program or club will take the receipt, the revenue, and the change fund to the Student Financial Services office. The Change Fund must be kept separate from the revenue from the Bake Sale.

POLICY FROM PUBLIC HEALTH: Nonprofit organizations may offer homemade, non-potentially hazardous baked items for religious, charitable, or educational purposes; provided that the baked items are prepared and wrapped in a sanitary manner and the consumer is informed by a clearly visible placard at the sales or service location that the foods are prepared in a kitchen that is not inspected by a regulatory authority. Acceptable bake sale items include cookies, muffins, brownie, double crust fruit pies and bread. Foods such as pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, meat pies, meat filled pastries, custards, cheesecakes and whipped cream toppings are not allowed. If you have any questions regarding what is not unacceptable, please see Student Programs staff.

Please put this sign on your bake-sale table:

Today’s Bake Sale brought to you by:



Baked products have nuts, peanuts, peanut oil.

All baked goods are home baked and are prepared in a kitchen that is not inspected by a regulatory authority.

Download a PDF Version of the Bake Sale Sign.

Last Updated March 15, 2017