Plan an Event or Performance

Refer to the sections below to see the forms and steps required to plan an event:

For events with or without an admission charge:

Project Plan

This planning form describes the logistics of your event as well as the learning objectives and goals. It requires your advisor’s signature, so check with them before proceeding.

Advanced Meals with Meetings Form

Food for events is catered by Bellevue College Food Services. Use this form to request the food needed for the event.

Performance Agreement

Will you have a guest speaker or performer at your event? Does the speaker have a performance charge? If yes, you’ll need to contact our Funding Office to fill out a Performance Agreement form.

W-9 Form

This form allows the us to pay for approved guest speakers and/or performers.

Publicity Request

Publicize your event through the Campus Activities Board. Remember that if you are having food at your event, you must publicize your event at least 10 business days prior to the event.

Additionally, for events with charged admission:

Fundraising Authorization

Use this form to give us specific details of your fundraising plans.


We coordinate the printing of tickets through Bellevue College Print Services. Contact Nora Lance to discuss the number of tickets and how you’ll sell them.


Looking to reserve a location for a meeting time only? If so, check out our Meetings page!

Last Updated December 2, 2019