Plan a Meeting

If you represent a chartered student organization, during normal college operations you can request a meeting room for one-time use or on a recurring basis, depending on room availability. We can reserve rooms C103, C222, or C225 for you without Advisor approval; any other rooms on campus require your Advisor’s approval to fulfill the request. Room reservations are currently suspended.

Checklist of items you might need for a meeting:

Check Your Group’s Funds

If you are a currently Chartered club, click the above link to visit the listing of clubs to find the page for your club, where you can view your current funds.

All Chartered student organizations receive a credit in the amount of $50 to use for publicity.

Publicity Request

Publicize your event through the Campus Activities Board. Remember that if you are having food at your event, you must publicize your event at least 10 business days prior to the event.

Advanced Meals with Meetings

If you are having a guest speaker at your meeting and you’d like to offer food to your guests and you’d like to be reimbursed for the costs of any food, you’ll need to submit this form for approval prior to arranging for that food.


Last Updated April 3, 2020