Raffle Policy

Note that S&A funds cannot be used for fundraising.

S & A funded programs and ASG chartered clubs wishing to fundraise with a raffle need to observe the following:


  1. Raffle tickets must be presented for approval by Student Programs at least two weeks prior to the distribution of tickets or sales activity.
  1. Programs/clubs can use pre-numbered tickets available through Student Programs and BC Print Services, or may provide their own.
  1. A Ticket Log is required to document all ticket sales and the log needs to be approved by Student Programs prior to its use.
  1. Cash from ticket sales needs to be deposited at least once a week and the ticket log verified by Student Programs staff. If tickets will be sold at a single location for five business days or less, these deposits need to be made daily.
  1. At the end of the raffle the ticket sales log, unsold tickets and any revenue yet to be deposited needs to be brought to the Student Programs office for reconciliation.


Sell raffle tickets for a fairly low price to entice more buyers, which will generate a reasonable amount of revenue.

Publicize the raffle ticket sale, offering an intriguing (but low cost) prize.

Remind ticket sellers to be enthusiastic and responsible when selling tickets, to increase the amount of sales.

If you’d like a PDF copy of this policy, you can download it here: Raffle Policy PDF.

Last Updated April 14, 2015